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10 Photos of the Sun-Drenched Cat Nap of Our Dreams

It takes precise calculation and expert timing -- not to mention balance -- to do this right.

 |  Jul 17th 2013  |   1 Contribution

There's a certain art to the cat nap -- it takes elegance, precision, and the ideal spot in the sun in order to reach perfection.

However no matter how many hammocks and naps in a sunny park we humans have taken, we will never master the cat nap. Below is our list of top 10 cat nap photos in the sun; A collection of felines who urge you to stop what you're doing, and post up for a nap in the sun. Cat owners, you know what I'm talking about -- the adorable, peaceful faces of a sleepy kitty are almost too much to handle.

Photo by Nikki

This little guy might not be in the most comfortable position, and arguably just got too tired to make it back home. But despite sleeping on mulch, he looks pretty darn cozy.

Here we have what we like to call the "beach lounger," in which this kitty has mastered the trick of sitting upright.

Photo by Tom Feary

Nothing is more precious than a cat and a comrade coming together for the ultimate sun-sleep.

Photo by Stef

Uh, correction -- it's more precious if they're stuck together like glue while they're doing it.

Photo by Zinger

Sometimes a kitty cat wants the warmth of the sun without all the blinding light. That's when we get the "hider" -- the kitty who crosses his arms to cover his face from the brightness of the world.

Photo by gillyberlin

Again, we see here the buddy system. However, the ginger cat makes a more adventerous napper by leaning over the edge. Will he accidentally roll over? Let's hope not!

Photo by Mark Devine

Two words: complete solitude. 

Here we have the cat who naps on you, reader, in which your cat has fallen asleep on your lap and there is no chance of getting anything done until further notice. How could you possibly disturb such a sleeping angel?

Sometimes your cat will make you procrastinate. The cat will nap on your chair, desk, or even computer, almost declaring: No! No work today! Only naps!

And then finally, the best nap of them all: When it's with you. Similar to the earlier lap photo, the only difference is that you have finally cracked and have agreed to nap alongside your best friend. 


What are some of your favorite cat positions and places you've found your cat thus far? 


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