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Photographer Fubirai Captures Cat Heaven on Japanese Island

A feral colony rules Fukuoka with a velvet paw.

 |  Dec 18th 2012  |   9 Contributions

On the Japanese island of Fukuoka, people don't really have pet cats -- instead they share their homes, boats, yards, and porches with a colony of feral cats, who roam freely throughout the island as if they own the place. With fishing occupying a large portion of the island's economy, there are plenty of opportunities for the cats to catch a tasty morsel from the island's fishers.


Cats in harmony.

Though no one really owns the cats, they are looked after by the island's inhabitants and given free range to go wherever they please.

That's adorable.

The cats aren't exactly tame, but they're not exactly wild either.

Photographer Fubirai has dedicated the past five years to documenting the felines, and through diligent shooting, has managed to capture photos that convey their flexibility in an environment that has allowed them to thrive. Most stunning of all are the photos of the cats leaping from one boat to another -- not your average house cat activity, but pretty normal when you live on an island. Fubirai gives the cats a sense of mystery, dignity, and character.

A cat's grace and power in action.

This is a cool photo.


With some trap-and-release spaying and neutering, and occasional vet checkups, this looks like everything we've ever imagined heaven to be.

These are only a small sampling of Fubirai's work, but you can check out more photographs at Fubirai's website here.

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