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What My Cats Are Looking for in Our Next Apartment

In my search for a new place, my cats are looking over my shoulder to ensure it has all they want.

 |  Sep 2nd 2014  |   6 Contributions

Although I’ve enjoyed my first year in Seattle, in a bustling neighborhood near downtown, I have learned that there are some things I can live without. Beyond the exorbitant rents and the nearly impossible parking, I’ve reached my tolerance limit for some of the idiosyncrasies of my new home. It’s a cool area, but it’s also pretty noisy and I’m feeling a little claustrophobic in my tiny studio apartment.

Now that I’ve got my feet under me and I know where most of my life happens, I’ve been able to figure out where I want to live, so I’ve been scoping out apartments in some neighborhoods that appeal to me. My cats, being the helpful creatures they are, have been keeping an eye on me to make sure I’m considering their desires, too. Here’s their wish list.

1. Lots of sun puddles

Bella, must you hog all the sun puddles? *sigh*

What self-respecting cat would want a home without plenty of opportunities for sun bathing, preferably without having to share one little sunny spot with their siblings.

2. High places

Mama, I need more Bella-proof places!

Siouxsie is sick of being chased around the house by her pesky little sister, and she wants our next home to have space above the cabinets -- but those spaces should only fit one cat -- so she can look down and survey her domain without Bella’s intrusion.

3. Cat-friendly window sills

Mama, wider window sills please!

My current place has pretty narrow window sills, which have caused poor Bella to resort to using this window perch when she wants to observe the goings-on in the parking lot.

4. More space for their beds

Darn those noisy neighbors!

The trouble with a small apartment is that all the cat beds are crammed into one area and my poor kitties never have a chance to be in a room away from their furry housemates. They want at least one bedroom so they can get away from each other!

5. Room for a bigger desk

Mama, you need a bigger desk!

Siouxsie’s major complaint is that I had to get a small desk to fit into my small apartment, and there’s not enough space for her to get comfortable and watch me working.

6. More carpets

Mama, there's not enough puking space in this place!

My current place only has a strip of carpet that runs from the door to another wall, and the rest is all hardwood floors and linoleum. Carpets are so much more comfortable when the urge to purge comes along.

In case you’re wondering where Thomas is in all this gimme-gimme-gimme, he tells me it doesn’t matter where he is, as long as he has his Bella, his Siouxsie and his Mama.

All I need is you, Mama.

What would your cats look for if they were shopping for a new home? Share your ideas in the comments.

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