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The 5 Stages of Deciding to Share Food With My Cats

My cat Bubba Lee Kinsey always wants a bite of my food, and while deciding to share with him is a process, it always ends the same way.

 |  Jun 19th 2014  |   16 Contributions

Every time I eat food, my 13-year-old gray tabby, Bubba Lee Kinsey, wants a piece of the action. It doesn't matter whether I'm having cereal with marshmallows (his favorite) or spinach and strawberries (he's not a fan), the minute I sit down and bust out my fork, he's all up in my grill.

Compounding the problem: Bubba Lee has mastered "solicitation purring," a high-pitched cry, similar to that of a human baby, embedded within a purr. No joke -- cats developed this gut-wrenching sound specifically to manipulate humans and get what they want. And guess what? It works.

Using solicitation purring, Bubba Lee Kinsey always gets what he wants.

That doesn't mean I'm always jazzed about ripping kitty-sized chunks off my sandwich to satiate my feline friends. When it's mealtime, here are the five stages of deciding to share food with my cats, from the time I sit down to when I finally give them a bite -- or several.

1. Denial

My kitty friend takes his mealtime perch on the edge of the table.

Even though Bubba Lee Kinsey has begged during every meal for the last 13 years, there’s still a moment before I sit down when I think this time might be different. Maybe, I think, I’ll be able to eat this bowl of cereal pants-less on the couch like a normal person instead of doing mealtime gymnastics to keep Bubba’s bewhiskered face from penetrating my Marshmallow Glitters. Maybe I won’t have to lift the bowl over my head with one hand while stopping Bubba’s increasingly forceful advances with the other.

Maybe this will be a totally normal breakfast. Anything is possible, right?

2. Anger

See this? This is my food. MINE.

Seriously, Bubba Lee? You want a bite of my spinach, hummus, and falafel wrap? You don’t like spinach, hummus, or falafel; in fact, as an obligate carnivore, you have not evolved to digest these substances successfully. So just lay off, okay? Stop pawing at my leg and making that sad little noise.

You’re such a big cat –- shouldn’t your voice be deeper, maybe, like a feline Tom Waits? That sweet little mew sounds all kinds of wrong coming out of your weathered face. You survived a troubled youth on the mean streets, and you still have the voice of a kitten, and that’s just not fair. Seriously, stop. Don’t jump on the table. Seriously, get off the table. You’ll get nothing and you’ll like it.

3. Bargaining

I'll trade you some cat grass for your silence.

Okay, you can have a little bit of bread if you’ll just go away. I’ll throw it into the other room, and you’ll chase it and eat it, and then you’ll leave me alone. Deal? Okay, here you go -– go get it!

Wait, why are you coming back? I thought we had a deal. GET OFF THE TABLE. Will kitty treats suffice? Maybe you’ll eat some Greenies and I’ll eat this steak and we’ll call it even? Does that work for you? 

Why aren’t you eating them? You love Greenies. OK, just a little piece of steak then. A kitty-sized bite, and then we’re cool. Right? We both agree on this? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?

4. Depression

Bubba wants a bite of yogurt -- and my soul.

I wasn’t hungry anyway. Here –- I’m done. No, really -– I don’t want any more. It’s fine. Just go ahead and lick it. Lick all of it. Here, you missed a spot. Want some more? Have some more. I’m just going to take a nap.

5. Acceptance

That one time I let Bubba Lee Kinsey lick my oatmeal, and he got his head stuck in the container.

Come on, Bubba Lee, it's time for dessert. We're having popsicles. I know coconut is your favorite. You can have the first lick.

Do you share food with your cats? Tell us about it in the comments!

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