Can Dietary Supplements be Mixed With Food?

 |  Jun 18th 2008  |   0 Contributions

My Cat has some stomach problems and my vet had me
put him on a probiotic pill (break open with
powder inside) and a B-12 supplement (one drop a
day). I usually mix them in his wet food that he
LOVES and I was wondering if it was ok to mix them
both together. As of now I mix the drop in his wet
and the probiotic in the dry. He inhales the wet
food, so I know he would eat it all if I put them
both in there. I just don't know if thats a safe
thing to do.

Brooklyn, NY

I am glad that your vet prescribed probiotics and vitamins as a first step for your cat's problem. There are several medications that can be administered to cats with stomach issues. However (as I discussed yesterday), if the syndrome can be treated effectively by more natural means, there is no reason to medicate.

To answer your question, I see no reason why you can't mix the vitamin B-12 and the probiotics together into the wet food. Very high concentrations of B-12 could conceivably inactivate the benign flora in the probiotics. However, if you thoroughly mix one drop of B-12 into the wet food before you add the probiotics, I sincerely doubt any problems will occur.

I have two additional points to make. First, remember that diet often plays a role in digestive problems in cats. If your cat is not already on an easily digestible diet and you have trouble managing his problems with the regimen of B-12 and probiotics, talk to your vet about switching foods.

Second, some people might get the impression from my last two posts that I am opposed to prescribing medication for my patients. That is not the case. Medications, when prescribed appropriately, can be incredibly beneficial to animals and humans. What I object to is using medications inappropriately or unnecessarily.


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