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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Animal Rescue
We Pause For Paws
Giving Animals A Second Chance   788 join
  Friends of the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
Helping Blind Cats See A Future!
Welcome! We're all supporters and friends of the Blind Cat Rescue... [more]   679 Invite Only
  !!!!!!!Rescued Pets!!!!!!!!!
Rescued Pets Here
Help all pets have a forever home!!!!!!!!!   513 join
don't give up the fight,do what's right
in honor of bruce,who is free now. Koog A/d Zaan, Netherlands  477 join
  Rescued Puppies with Great Rescue Stories
Thank you for rescuing us.
You don't have to be a rescue to join. You... [more] United States  396 join
  Rescuez RULE
(Breed Unknown)
Adopters,Adoptees, & Adoption supports
Welcome! Adoptees, Adopters, Adoption supporters, volunteers and fosters! This is a... [more] Va Beach, Virginia, United States  390 join
  Animal Rescue Foundation of Illinois (ARF-IL)
There's No Home Like a Furever Home.
A group for doggies of ARF, their fosters, furiends & new... [more] Glen Ellyn, Illinois, United States  310 join
  Rescued Kitties
"I once was lost, but now I'm found"
For those that had a hard time before finding their families.... [more]   238 join
  +++Hurricane Katrina/Rita Survivors and Rescuers+++
"I Will Survive"
We are pets that survived those nasty hurricanes, those with their... [more]   229 join
  Canucks to the Rescue
Never fear, the Canuck Rescuers are here
For Canadians who've adopted and/or rescued a homeless animal into their... [more] Canada  172 join
  !!!The group for disabled and/or cat rescue cats!!!
There is a halo upon every kitty's head
This is a group for disabled/cat rescue cats Salisbury, North Carolina, United States  121 join
  Animal Rescue in Texas
Welcome rescuers, volunteers, & adopters
This group is for anything involving animal rescue work in Texas.... [more] Texas, United States  117 join
  American Brittany Rescue
(Brittany )
American Brittany Rescue
PROMOTING - American Brittany Rescue across the United States. Those... [more] Helmetta, New Jersey, United States  114 join
  Rescues Rock!
rescued dogs
Were you a rescued pup? Come and share your stories... [more] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  106 join
  rescued kittens and cats
the right thing 2do
this is a group all abou rescues kitties! Massachusetts, United States  105 join
  Rescued Tabbys 'R Us
(Domestic Shorthair)
Group for any/all rescued Tabbys
Welcome Rescued Tabbys!!! Obetz, Ohio, United States  101 join
  Reunion Rescue
(American Pit Bull Terrier )
Based in CA/TX
Pit Bull rescue United States  92 join
  Rescued Siamese
Rescued Siamese cats   71 join
  Rescued Dogs of all Breeds
Rescued Dogs of all Breeds *Cats too*
Welcome everyone!! (Cats too) Augusta, Georgia, United States  67 join
  Those Who Support Shelters, Rescue, and Reputable Breeders
Support good breeders, rescue, & shelter
We realize that not all breeders are bad, and we want... [more] United States  59 join
  Rescued Cat Lovers Association
Rescued are better!!
If you have or have had a rescued cat come to... [more] Florida, United States  57 join
  *** Utah Shelter Rescues ***
Adopted and loved again!
For the dogs & cats who have found a home because... [more] Salt Lake City, Utah, United States  56 join
  TigeraCat Rescues Group
Rescue & Adopt, Don't Breed!
ALL cats, kittens, & doggies that support the rescue efforts of... [more] Waterloo, Iowa, United States  51 join
  ADOPTED....from a No-Kill Animal Rescue League
Thank you to no-kill A.R.L!!!
Welcome to all kitties who were adopted from a no-kill animal... [more]   49 join
  Rescued Dogs
Adopt a dog and save a life
This is a group for pups that were rescued from pounds... [more] Australia  47 join
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