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1. Advice for Litter-Trouble I
     The Cat Fancier's Association advice for dealing with litter-box problems, particularly in a multi-cat household.

2. Moving/Relocating with Multi-Cats
     Ever had to move with 5,6, or even 10 cats?? We moved from Kentucky to Illinois with 14 cats in tow! Its not as hard as you think the make the adjustment smooth for your cats, here's a site with some great advice if you're planning a big move.

3. The Feline Advisory Bureau Website
     The Feline Advisory Bureau is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved feline knowledge, to help us all care better for our cats

4. Books for Cat Lovers, Cat Enthusists, and Multi-Cat Owners!
     Everytime a problem comes up that I can't get solved, I turn to my trusty library of cat literature and cat psychology books. Here's a list to get you started, if you haven't built a kitty-library yet. Over time you'll probably get various recommendations from me for specific books that I found useful, but I own most of these and many are great additions if want to learn more about feline care!

5. Kitten Kaboodle Online Store
     No, they don't sell Kitten Kaboodle brand catfood. They sell everything else from toys, harness, collars and leashes to innovative new products for cats and dogs!

6. Cat Dancer Products
     These are the best toys! If you don't own one, order one today! My cat's love them.

7. Pussicat Cat Furniture Online
     We've tried all the brands, all the styles, and we swear by these cat trees! Our cat would tell you, they're the best! Best looking, most affordable, most high-quality workmanship and fastest shipping. We have at least one in every room of our home.

8. Website
     Search a database of thousands of homeless pets needing rescued or forever homes! Also, terrific forums for anyone interested in rescuing animals, providing rescue transport help, or volunteering at a shelter or humane society.

9. Bissel Corporation products for Multi-Pet Owners
     We've tried them all (literally); I own four vaccuums, three steamcleaners and various other cleaning apparatus, I can tell you the low-down on just about anyone of them. Bissel and Dyson make some of the best, particularly the BisselSpotBot. Check out the website and if you're having any trouble with "litterboxes" get one fast!

10. Simple Solution Cleaning Products
     I swear by this stuff! We buy it by the case, recommend it to everyone we know, and use it daily. Its a lifesaver.

11. FeliWay Pheromone Therapy Products
     If you have aggression, innapropriate urination or elimination, territory disputes, scratching behaviors-- this is the product for you!

12. Cat Faeries- Essence Theraphy Products
     We have these by the tons-- they really work!

13. Natural Pet Products from Flea Control to Carpet Cleaner
     We are very into holistic veterinary care, products and diet for our pets. This company makes some great, safe, effective flea control without harsh pesticides. Check it out, we like the powder you brush into their fur.

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