Links for Brilliant Orange Cats Unite

Review links from your group.

1. Thunderbelly
     Thunderbelly is not an orange kitty but his webpage is wonderful. Check out the stories that Thunderbelly appears in -- awesome.

2. That's a big cat!
     Here's the webpage for an orange guy who just so happens to hold the World Record for longest cat!

3. Feline cranium.
     Mapping the cat's brain -- humans really are not smart enough to map our brains.

4. Punk kittens.
     Mom loves this site. The dancing orange kitties are the best part!

5. Kitties vs Kids
     For those who prefer furry kids.

6. A letter from Annie
     This is a wonderful site - featuring a letter from a dog that had crossed the bridge. It has a touching story behind it. Very comforting.

     A rescue site -- courtesy of our good pal, Clinton.

8. Food recall
     Find info here on Pet Food Recall issued 3/16/07

9. Howl 911 -- food information -- IMPORTANT
     Excellent website that serves as a clearinghouse for all things related to the mess that is the pet food industry. Bookmark and check often for the most up to date information!

10. The Animal Rescue Site
     If you've got time to visit our group page, you've got time to visit the Animal Rescue Site and help feed some friends.

11. Nina's big store
     Check out the the artwork that Simon's momma creates! It's all cool -- cat (and dog) related pieces that include prints, pottery, tees and more!

12. Candle Memorial
     This link was provided by Siouxsie -- a memorial site for our friends affected by the pet food recall.

13. Michael James Keenan site -- Bobby's Hero.
     A site dedicated to a true hero to all -- human and animal. Please visit.

14. BOCU Birthday Calendar
     Click on your birthday and add your name so we all know when to celebrate your brilliance!

15. Dewey Readmore Books
     The story of one brilliant orange kitty who touched lives all over the world!

16. Orange Cat Blues
     Loki and his funny animated videos.

17. BOCU Pledge Pin
     BOCU graphic for showing Brilliance on your Catster page.

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