Links for Pure White Kitty Club

Review links from your group.

1. Are White Cats Deaf?
     This Australian site has lots of information about cats in general ... and a good article about deafness and white cats, in particular.

2. 4 the love of cats
     This group was set up as a memorial to fluff-- a beautiful white cat.

3. North Shore Animal League
     This is where my mom and dad found me. I think it's a great organization! Check it out!

4. Yolo County SPCA
     Petipaw is very active in the Yolo SPCA. He even has an advice column"Ask Petipaw" in the newsletter. Thank you Petipaw for your good work.

5. Calgary Humane Society
     Donny and Marie were adopted from the Calgary Humane Society in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Take a look!

6. astrology weekly
     Hey whitester ... what's your sign? Cat horoscopes on this site. Have a look ... have some fun! Do you fit the description?

7. Heatstroke and Sunburn
     There have been so many messages about sunburn ... I thought I'd add this link for you to read. Be careful Whitesters!

8. Cat Channel
     Thanks to Sugar for letting us know about the Cat Channel on the Animal Network. It has news, links to magazines, products, and tips.

9. Cornell Feline Health Center
     Frost (and Mom ... a Cornell Graduate Student) recommends this site ... one of the best Cat Hospitals in the Country!

10. Cats Confidential
     Take a look at our fabulous Snow who is the Cat of the Month in "Cats Confidential"! Looks like a great publication ... and Snow is a great Whitester!

11. Sequoia Humane Society
     This is Jello's link to the Sequoia Humane Society in Eureka, California..."promoting animal welfare and individual responsibility for the care and protection of animals."

12. As The World Purrs
     Join in the fun of reading about the exploits of Sugar and her family (The Condiment Plus One Gang) in this group.

13. Critter Scoop
     Take a look at Titus and his family... and add your own critters to the site!

14. Mickey's Blog
     Some of my favorite girls made this blog for me. Take a look at something very special!

15. Pasado's Safe Haven for All Animals
     Princess shared a story about Pumpkin. You can find out more by clicking here to visit Pasado's Safe Haven.

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