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1. petlovers
     this link is a lot like catster only for all pets. enjoy all pawprinters!

2. petsmo
     this is a great website with lots of friendly people, one of my faves. There are very interesting forums and chats.

3. powerpets
     This is actually a virtual pet site. But it has real species and great drawings.

4. pet smart shop online
     this is a place where you can order pet supplies, and food. Also shows shops in your area and shows maps.

5. pet owners united
     a great site with pet advice.

6. any pet
     it is the largest resource of animal breeds.A guide to help you select a pet for your lifestyle,and get info about all individual pet breeds.You can visit many sources offering pet supplies, products, and services.

7. cyberark
     your one-stop resource for evrything animal.

8. pets 4 you
     a large resource for animal enthusiasts. we help people locate all breeds:dogs,cats,birds, reptiles, exotic and other. get info directly from the breeders. we also list many sources offering pet supplies, products and services. we ask that our visitors grade ourbreeders to our satisfaction, and we are interested in their feedback.

9. a treasury of pet humor
     true stories about amazing pets, cute and funny photos, jokes, cartoons, trivia, top ten lists and more.

10. cat fancier's association
     the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats! in our site you'll find info on cat shows, cat breeds and cat care, and a showcase of top winning cats.

11. beware of cat
     the theme of this site is... you guessed it, cats! It includes animations, FeLINES & Paws, purrty backgrounds, kitty clips, links, tips and more.

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