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1. Gray Cat Gifts!
     For the Gray Cat lover in *you*!

2. Ghost Stories of Hocking Hills - Gray Cat
     A few days after burying the last dog and horse the gray arrived at my door.

3. Our Dulcimer Theme Song!
     Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm

4. Joe Grey Cat Mysteries
     Joe Grey, feline P.I., and his friends Dulcie and Kit against a ruthless gang of thieves and murderers in a case like none they’ve seen before.

5. Cat Mythology
     Did you know that Freya, the Norse goddess of Love, had a chariot drawn by two GREY cats?!?

6. AMAZING kitty artist - her work in Gray
     To find out more about what this artist does, or to hire her to build a scupture of your kitty, get more information by going to

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