Links for Cafe Kitties

Review links from your group.

1. History of Coffee
     Learn about the history and origins of coffee. Read about monks drinking coffee in order to stay up all night and a goat herder dancing with his caffeine infused goats after eating from a wild coffee cherry bush! Our nutty Coffee Cats aren't the only one's who go crazy for coffee!

2. Fun Coffee Facts
     Fun Factoids about coffee for all us kitties.

3. A Real Coffee Cat Shop
     Here's a coffee place with a Puurrrfect title.

4. Coffee Cat Pottery
     Just fun to see the handles which are cat tails on these "coffee cat" cups!

5. Cats in Paris (coffee pic)
     See cats really do like coffee!

6. Happy Kitty
     Check this cat out! Mouse over this kitty and he will meow, purr, and do other things that you thought only live cats were capable of.

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