Links for Special Kitties (Kitties With Disabilities)

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1. Feline CRF Information Center
     An excellent site with a lot of good information on Feline CRF

2. Life with CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) Cats
     Personal experiences of owners of CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) cats, information on CH, CH Tips & Topics & more

3. Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Kidney Disease
     Another excellent resource for CRF kitties and their owners, with much information on all aspects of CRF from symptoms to support & treatments to related diseases & much more!

4. The Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia Community
     Ch Cats make wonderful pets. Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia causes the unnecessary destruction of thousands of wonderful animals each year. Surprisingly, for the right home, Wobbly Kitties make wonderful companions. Their intelligence is normal, they feel no pain, and live long and healthy lives. They tend to be more dependent on humans, and often build very strong bonds with their adoptive parents. The most endearing attribute of Cats with CH is their attitude. They possess incredible determination in overcoming their affliction. A cat with Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia seems to touch the hearts of everyone they meet.

5. CH Kitty Club
     Worldwide support for people living with cerebellar hypoplasia cats

6. HOW TO: Convert a Baby Diaper to Cat or Dog Diaper
     This page has a video showing how to modify and convert a baby diaper to a cat or dog diaper, a video showing how to diaper a dog, and a video showing how to diaper a cat.

     Some cats are born disabled, other have suffered accidents or the degenerative effects of old age. A disabled cat can still lead a full and enjoyable life, given a chance and an understanding owner. Cats adapt their lifestyles to cope with disability far more easily than do most humans - this is because they are often willing to spend much of their time resting! This article gives guidelines on caring for a disabled cat. Just as the cat must adapt to its limitations, you will have to adapt your attitude and your home to accommodate its needs.

8. Pets With Disabilities: Disabled Cats Available for Adoption
     This site features cats with a variety of disabilities who are seeking adoptive homes.

9. Special Needs Pets
     A site where people can offer special needs pets including cats, for adoption and where others can adopt these special needs pets. There is also a long list of links to other sites for special needs pets.

10. Cats With Disabilities
     A pdf article giving information on various disabilities in cats and living with cats with these disabilities.

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