Links for ~Always in Our Hearts~

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1. The Rainbow Bridge Poem
     If you have not already read this poem we highly encourage you to read it! It's an absolutely WONDERFUL poem and it really touches your heart. Love, Angel, Koby, Jaz, and Kenna.

2. I'm Still Here Poem
     This poem was brought to our attention by Sadie and Samantha, it is a really beautiful poem. Thank You Sadie and Samantha.

3. Do Not Grieve For Me (A Doggie Prayer) Poem
     This is a collection of poetry. The poem called "Do Not Grieve For Me" (also known as A Doggie Prayer). Thanks to Sadie and Samantha for showing us this! :)

4. Animal Cancer Foundation

5. Warning Signs of Animal Cancer
     PLEASE! If your pet has ANY of these symptoms PLEASE don't ignore it, take them to the vet as soon as you can.

6. Pet Memorial (Pet Urns)
     Get custom made urns and memorial merchandise.

7. Events Coordinator- KOBY
     Contact me if you have any concerns over the AOH upcoming events/events calendar!

8. Survey Monkey Maintence- ANGEL
     Email me if you have any problems with our Survey Monkey links!

9. Support Staff- KENNA
     Email me or my family if you are in need of any support! We're here to help you!

10. Music Playlist- JAZ
     Contact me if you have any questions about our AOH play list or if you would like to request a song!

11. Background Consultant- NAKOTA
     Contact me if you have any questions or have any suggestions for the AOH background!

12. Welcome Committee- KOBY
     Contact me if you would like us to INVITE A NEW MEMBER or need help being shown around the group!

13. Suggestion Box- KENNA
     If you have any suggestions regarding AOH please drop me a line!

14. Top Honor Pet Elections- ANGEL
     Contact me if you have any questions regarding the AOH Top Honor Pet Elections! You can also email me to nominate a deserving pet!

15. General Information- ANGEL
     Email me if I can answer any of your questions!

16. Contest Consultant- KOBY
     Contact me about any questions regarding upcoming contests in AOH!

17. Links, Videos & Pictures Manager- JAZ
     Contact me about all of these features found on the AOH homepage! Drop me a line if you have a question!

     Contact me if you have questions!

19. Games & Activities Director- SHADOW
     Contact me if you have questions about any AOH games or activities!

20. Prizes Consultant- RUSTY
     Email me if you have any questions about AOH prizes!

21. Party Expert- DAKOTA
     Contact me for all your party needs!

22. Free Kibble for Dogs and Cats!
     Just answer a trivia question and donate free food to shelter animals!

23. The Animal Rescue Site
     Just click on the button once a day to donate free food to shelter animals! Shop at their store to donate even more!

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