Links for furs of the heart

Review links from your group.

1. click to give@the animal rescue site
     animal rescue,click to feed the the pets everyday

2. free kibble
     click to feed shelter pets everyday

3. petfinder
     looking to adopt or learn about adoption and all that goes with it,this is a site for you.

4. healty pet imformation site
     articles on pets and care also a pet library section on poisons

5. the senior dog project
     lots of great info here for your senior pets

6. dogbreed information
     great site for information on all subjects concerning pets

7. petzlife
     great site for awesome pet and dental aids for us furs and humans too.

8. feline health care/meowser pics
     a site for the care of our furry kitty pals with pictures

9. raw meaty bones
     good site on feeding raw meaty bones,alot of good imformation

10. switching to a raw diet
     if you are thinking to feed a raw diet,here a site with some information on the subject.

11. dog aware
     great site for all kinds of feeding s (food) from home cooked to raw and also meaty bones

12. pawsome pages group
     this is a great group that will help you with your pages and they have links and codes for you to make your pages have different styles and looks.

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