Links for Catster Kimis

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1. Download Firefox browser here
     Firefox browser

2. Online Picture resizer

3. Edit animations without losing the animation~very cool!

4. Create glitter words with glitteryourway

5. Create glitter words with comment haven

     Free downloadable animations, nothing to install on your computer. Wide variety of gifs all free!

7. Cat Stuff!
     Graphic, facts loads of free stuff

8. Thousands of free animations including ALPHAS!!!!!

9. Halloween GIFS
     Incredible collection all very spooky!

10. Animation Playhouse
     more free stuff!

11. Granny's Gifs
     Great assortment!

12. FreeFever Gifs
     A nice smaller selection, well organized

13. Annes Thanksgiving gifs
     Artistic type gifs

14. Gifs,net
     Good but smaller collection

15. gifs and more gifs
     well organized, good selection

16. Normans Photo Madness
     Some of my favorite images, more to come!

17. Heathers Animations

18. Button Bar Colors
     Catster/Dogster friendly! be sure to add the word style in v shaped brackets BEFORE and AFTER code or it won't work!

19. My Animator
     This is just plain fun!

20. GrannyArt, free nice quality jpegs

21. Scrapping Links
     Scrapping Sites*%20FREEBIES%20MINI%20KITS*%20FREEBIES%20SCRAPS?max-results=20 http://sentimentahttp/

22. The Quote Garden
     find quotes for any occasion

23. graphics and glitters

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