Links for Mittsonian Institute fur the Digitally Enhanced

Review links from your group.

1. Hemmingway Cats-Amazing Cats With Many Toes
     Information site with some interesting facts and history on polydactyl cats. This page is off site. Use your browser back button to return to "Caster". Purrs, Little

2. My Flash Fettish MP3-ADD MUSIC TO YOUR PAGE
     Want to add music to your special kitty's bio page? It's easy to use and it's FREE!

3. Caster Codes-Add Backgrounds to your page and more
     Catster tips and tricks to beautify your cat's pages. Have fun!!

4. Cat Nutrition
     Information on raw food diets and how to prepare cat food at home.

5. Cat
     Information on nutrition, diet, and some diseases that may be caused by poor diet and treated with proper nutrition, and some recipes for cat food that can be made at home fairly easily.

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