Links for ♥Waggers♥

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1. ♥Waggers♥ - Woofs
     A Group Thread! Chat with other pups and have fun!

2. ♥Waggers♥ - Happy Waggers Chat Thread!
     Bark Bark Talk Talk Chat Chat!

3. ♥Waggers♥ - For Pits Sake!
     Where heroes are the Pits.

4. ♥Waggers♥ - Dogs Deserve Better!
     Dogs Deserve Better!!

5. ♥Waggers♥ - Voice 4 dogs! (Graphic Photos)
     WARNING: Young children may not want to veiw this page due to some graphic photos.

6. ♥Waggers♥ - Petfinder!
     Give a beautiful dog, cat or other pet a home.

7. ♥Waggers♥ - Photo contest!
     Caught in the act!

8. ♥Waggers♥ - Pawty Place!
     Book a pawty! Have fun!

9. ♥Waggers♥ - Who makes you happy?
     Who makes you a happy critter?

10. ♥Waggers♥ - Worlds Coolest Dog & Cat Show 2007!
     Are you in the worlds coolest dog or cat show and need some votes?

11. ♥Waggers♥ - Waggers Admin List!
     Waggers Admin

12. ♥Waggers♥ - Dog Of The Month!
     Who will be Waggers dog of the month?!

13. I Love My Dog Cafe Group (charlies)
     This is Charlie's Group come on in if you love your dog as much as my mommy loves me =D

14. The Singles Club/Group
     For The singles of dogster

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