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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Siamese Love
Once you had a Siamese u can'tgo back
For Siamese cat owners & lovers   453 join
  *~ I ♥ SuPeR DoGs!! ~*
For all the Super Dogs of Dogster
A group for anyone who thinks their dog is S-U-P-E-R!!!   453 join
  "Canadian Golden Retrievers" who want to be Friends with other Goldens...
Sunshine and Happiness Always.....
This is for all you "Wonderful Goldens" who just want to... [more] Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada  452 join
(Breed Unknown)
Pawsome pictures of our pawfect pups!
Amatuers, pros, or anyone who loves snapping pics of their pups!... [more] Photoshop, Virginia, United States  450 join
  Chicago Dogs (and Cats)
Chicago is for Pets
Dogs in or around the Chicagoland area! Cats welcome too. Chicago... [more] Illinois, United States  445 join
Doggie dish the doggie dirt.
Let's bark about stuff!!! This is the place to ask... [more]   444 join
  I love my Siberian Husky!!
Dedicated to Kozy-Munson
For all those Who are owned by a Siberian Husky New York, United States  443 join
  The Cat's Den
Welcome Efurryone!!!
All Kitties Are Welcome To The Cat`s Den. This Is... [more]   443 join
  :=: :=: Pawspot (Please come to our new group!)
It's a Pet's Life!
A Dogster and Catster Town for Cats and Dogs. Come and... [more] United States  441 join
We need you!
Help us save Planet Dog-o-Tron from the Robot Cats!   441 join
  The Royal Bark & Purr
You'll be treated high royalty!!!
Welcome Royals!!!   440 join
  =^..^= MOMMY'S & DADDY'S BABYS =^..^=
pet parent's baby's
all you kitty's and doggies who are mommy's or daddy's baby's,... [more] Lincoln, Nebraska, United States  437 join
the Hottest Game on & of DOGSTER
Pawesome Game Brought to you by the Barker Brothers Company   437 join
  ~*~Tortoiseshell Lovers!~*~
Tortie Lovers Welcome!
My email is Louisiana, United States  435 join
  College Football Fans
College Football
Cool and Crazy Pets for College Fooball! United States  435 join
We need more bellies! Please apply NOW!
"My Belly Needs Some Air" Murray, Aged 7 (ID 382728)... [more]   433 Invite Only
Right here!!-REAL Black Beauties
Are you a CAT,or aDOG Are you SMALL or BIG, Are... [more]   432 join
  Bulldog Friends
(Bulldog )
Lets talk bulldogs!!
English bulldog Michigan, United States  423 join
  ♥ Ratties and labs♥
Ratties and Labs
R U a Rattie? A Lab? Or Neither? and just like... [more]   423 Invite Only
  Polydactyl and Proud
show us your paws!!!!
one can never have too many toes!!   422 join
  Paws with Claws
Please do not declaw your cats!
Join this group to show you are against the cruel and... [more]   420 join
  Blue Bloods
(Russian Blue)
A place for Russian Blues and their staff New York, United States  419 join
Helping those who can't help themselves
For anyone who helps with fostering, or at a rescue, shelter... [more] Kenosha, Se Wisconsin, Wisconsin, United States  419 join
  Million Dog March
Fighting to stop BSL
Join us for the Million Dog March to help bring an... [more] United States  418 join
  A Friend 4 Life
(German Shepherd)
Friendly and sweet :)
If you ever need a friend or need a favor done... [more] Erie, Pennsylvania, United States  418 join
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