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  Adorable Adoptees
Large and Small
For those who saved a furry friend   874 join
  Persian and Himalayan Beauties plus all beauties family members, no matter what breed, long hair mix also .
Intelligent, royal, beautiful ,
Persians, Himalayans ,we rule the cat world. United States  871 Invite Only
  Service Dogs Group
It takes a special dog
For people with Service Dogs (dogs who assist people with disabilities)... [more]   871 Invite Only
  The Snazzy Salon
Wash--Rinse--Blow Dry
Want to get pampered... you came to the right place! ... [more]   867 join
  ♥♥Christian Dogs and Cats♥♥
Christian Dogs and Cats Fellowship
Hi EveryFur! Welcome to the Christian Dogs and Cats ... [more] United States  866 join
  Soft on Cats. Hard on Fleas.
Being a cat owner is hard work!
What's your best-kept secret in keeping your cat happy?   862 join
Large and Giant Breeds
IF YA CAN'T HANG WITH THE BIG DOGS THEN STAY OUTA... [more] United States  851 join
  The Hazel Lucy Appreciation Society
We love Hazel Lucy
Catsters who make a difference   850 join
Get FaNaTiCAL Over Sports ★
Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Olympics, Nascar, Every Sport Fan Zone... [more]   847 join
  Adams™ Flea Fighting Group
Safety is a priority when fighting fleas
We make life better for animals and their people   846 join
  !~!~!~CUTEST PUPPYS EVER!~!~!~!~
Anyones Alowed
CUTE dogs must stick toghether Benicia, California, United States  830 join
  ♥ The Pom Poms ♥
Pawriffic Poms
♥ For the Love of Pomeranians ♥ United States  821 join
  Pure White Kitty Club
A white coat is purrfect in any season!
Woo Hoo ... Nibbles made the... [more]   812 Invite Only
  Catster Marketplace
Made by Catsters, For Catsters
Do you make something cool? This group is for sharing and... [more]   809 join
  I'm Not Orange; But I Am Proud
Brilliance Redefined
In memory of Mr Sam1st on our Honor... [more]   808 Invite Only
  Animal Rescue
We Pause For Paws
Giving Animals A Second Chance   793 join
  doodle connection
The Doodle House
Where the Doodles Chill!!   783 join
  Am I not cute?
For all
For the little ones that we love Massachusetts  779 join
  I Knead You
Knead One. . . . . .Purr Two
We are cats who love to knead!   778 Invite Only
  ♥ Kewlest Catster Kitties ♥
♥ We're like one Big Happy Furmily! ♥
♥ If you'd like to make some Kewl Close Furiends... [more]   773 Invite Only
  Fur Frenzy
Play with us.....We promise not to bite!
Where Dogs and Cats can come and play together!! Shhh.... we... [more] United States  752 join
k-9 & felines that have a kind heart
welcome to a Have a Heart Orlando, Florida, United States  748 join
  ♥Mixed Breeds Rule!♥
(Breed Unknown)
Mixed breeds are so cute!
All Mixed breed Cats and Dogs can Join!   746 join
A Group For Feline Kings & Queens (All Kitty's Are Kings... [more] Greenville, North Carolina, United States  745 join
  Colorado Kitties
Altitude Creates Attitude!
´•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.• The place where purrrfect Rocky Mountain kitties can be found... [more] Colorado  733 join
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