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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Special kitties
For cats with special needs.
A group for all kitties with long term health problems, illnesses... [more] United Kingdom  45 join
  Canuck Canines
Furry Friends from the Frozen North
Canadian Dogs Alberta, Canada  200 join
  Bengal Cats
Spotted and marbled monsters!
A group for Bengal Cats and Bengal cat lovers   292 join
  Raw Fed
We eat meat!
A group for Dogster and Catster pets who eat real food!... [more]   932 join
  Bouncing Ball Hogs!
Throw the damn ball!
Any dog who goes wild as soon as a round shape... [more] Florida, United States  91 join
  Purrty Pitties
pittie paraders
for all of us who love the pitties! pittie kisses to... [more] Florida, United States  231 join
  Lucky Black Cats
Black is beautiful, especially in fur.
Dedicated to the fact that black cats are GOOD luck. Massachusetts, United States  1023 join
Brit Kits Unite
This is a group for all us Brit Kits (& dogs)... [more] United Kingdom  185 join
  ♥ =^..^= 4 The Love of Cats =^..^= ♥
4 The Love of Cats =^..^=
A place for All Cat Lovers to meet & have Fun.... [more] United States  2384 join
  Pure White Kitty Club
A white coat is purrfect in any season!
Woo Hoo ... Nibbles made the... [more]   812 Invite Only
  Orange Tabby group
(Breed Unknown)
Reeses' Orange Tabbies
For my fellow Orange Tabbies and other feline friends. Pennsylvania, United States  188 Invite Only
  Chicago Dogs (and Cats)
Chicago is for Pets
Dogs in or around the Chicagoland area! Cats welcome too. Chicago... [more] Illinois, United States  445 join
  ♥ The Pet Poetry Group ♥
♥ A Writing Group for Dogs & Cats
♥ Spread the joy of writing. Happy Tails! ♥ United States  990 join
  For The Meezers!
A group for all of my fellow Siameses!   485 join
  Spotted Ladies
(Dalmatian )
Ladies With Spots
A group for Laddies with Spots! Florida, United States  104 join
  AYE Chihuahua!! :o)
Want some "Cheese"?
For people who own chihuahua's or just love the breed!   1001 join
  ~*♥!^Lovely Ladies!~*♥!^
Lovely Lady
HeY Lovely Ladies. Welcome to such a lovely group! Would you... [more] California, United States  64 Invite Only
  Pom Pom Club!
This is a group for pomeranians and other dogs who like... [more]   4 Invite Only
  Dogster University
We Love our Furry Study-Buddies
Welcome students! This is a place for both undergraduate and graduate... [more]   169 join
  Fashion Club
Let's Talk Fashion!!!!!!
Talk about the latest Doggie and Kitty fashions California, United States  729 join
  Weenie Lovers
(Dachshund )
Quit staring at my weenie!!!
A place for all Dachshund lovers and owners to share their... [more]   1152 join
  Begging Consistantly
Pleeeease Mommy?
That one dog who always scratches out half your arm for... [more] Florida, United States  98 join
  Miss Matches' Pals!
Miss Matches ROCKS!
Are you my pal? Join my group!   35 join
Just a little touch of Paradise
Welcome to the Paradise Island   192 join
  Naughty Pup Club
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
This group is for the naughtiest of the naughty. If you're... [more]   464 Invite Only
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