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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Military Pets ~meow~ ***Go USA*** ~ruff~
The Silent Rank ****Military Pets****
If you're a pet of a military member, or former military... [more] United States  170 join
  Valley Bulldogs
Unregistered but not unrecognized!
For all things Valley Bridgewtaer, Nova Scotia, Canada  13 join
  Rhodesian Ridgeback Lovers
(Rhodesian Ridgeback )
African Sofa Hound owners unite!
For anyone who is "owned" by a Rhodie!   335 join
  Wisconsin Doggies and Kitties!
Cheese head dogs and cats!!!
This is a group for Doggies and kitties who were: born,... [more] Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States  299 join
  Dal Pals
(Dalmatian )
Let's hear it for Fire Dogs!
A place for spotted dogs and their people to interact!   556 join
  Catster Maine Coon Lovers
(Maine Coon)
Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers
For those PURRsons who are owned by a Maine Coon or... [more] Buffalo, New York, United States  613 join
  New England Dog and Cat Club
New Englander pets RULE!
A group for pets who live in CT, MA, NH, VT... [more] United States  84 join
  FLUTD Kitty Help Group
Kitties who cannot pee!
For Cats with Feline Urinary Syndrome, chronic cystitis and other urinary... [more] Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote, Spain  31 join
  Gray is Grey-t!
Gray & White - Unite!!
For gray and white kitties everywhere   238 join
  Columbus Catsters!
Central Ohio Kitty Caregivers
For the Buckeye Kitty lover in us all! Columbus, Ohio, United States  106 join
  Keep Austin Whiskered
Weird and Whiskered!
Group for cats and their humans that make their home in... [more] Austin, Texas, United States  107 join
(Bulldog )
JERSEY BULLIES Toms River, New Jersey, United States  91 join
  *~ I ♥ SuPeR DoGs!! ~*
For all the Super Dogs of Dogster
A group for anyone who thinks their dog is S-U-P-E-R!!!   454 join
  Doberman Home
(Doberman Pinscher )
Jacer Jace's friends old and new.
Let's share all of our dobie-baby stories United States  194 join
  Australian Shepherds
(Australian Shepherd )
The ORIGINAL Aussie Group!
For Aussie or Aussie mixie owners, admirers, or lovers!   1046 join
(Chihuahua )
  Shelties "R" Us
For Sheltie Lovers
Thank Heavens for Shelties!!!   146 join
  Dog Lovers
Motto: If life gives you lemons, make dog treats! Los Angeles, California, United States  117 join
  Squeaky & Fuzzy, for the Love of Toys
Squeak! Pounce! Play!
this group is for Cats & Dogs that can't get through... [more]   708 join
  South Carolina Kidney Beans
(Boxer )
For the love of a Boxer.
A group for all SC Boxer Lovers South Carolina, United States  10 Invite Only
  GLOBAL CAT CHAT incorporated!!
All over the world cat lovers and owners. english... [more] Near Köln, Germany  28 join
  German Shepherd Lovers
Have you hugged your GSD today??
A group for anyone who loves GSD's of any color.   196 join
  Chet Chats
Wisdom from a geezer!
Are you my kitty pal? Let's chat! United States  2 Invite Only
  Ghostie Hunter Kitties
Who ya gonna call?
For the Kitty & hoomin interested in hunting ghosties, greebles, &... [more] Rochester, New York, United States  102 join
  Florida Sunshine Siberians!
Livin' in paradise*
Siberians livin' in the Sunshiney state of Florida! All sibes welcome... [more] Florida, United States  32 join
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