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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  California Pitts
(American Pit Bull Terrier)
This Place is the Pitts, in a Good Way!
Welcome! This group is mainly for pitbulls/amstaffs, purebred or mixed who... [more] Bay Area, California, United States  285 join
  Wrinkles R-US
(Chinese Shar-Pei )
wrinky- tinks
Welcome to Wrinkles R-US , A face we love to... [more] Seaford, New York, United States  271 join
  Guide Dogs/PIT/CC'd/CCI
Learning today, Leading Tomorrow
This group is all about working Guides, Puppy's in training, and... [more]   95 join
  Turkish Handler Team
We salute you!
We are mostly amateur handlers from Turkey/Europe. Turkey  42 join
  Ten years or more (siamese)
No looking back
This post is for members who have owned a siamese for... [more] Tennessee, United States  18 Invite Only
  Fat Cats
Size DOES matter!
A place for LARGE CATS ! Tennessee, United States  86 Invite Only
  Gimme some GRRRRRR!
A club for the tough guys!
For all the tough guys out there!!!!   3 join
  Terrific Tabbies
We are tabbies; we are as one.
A social group for cats of any age, breed, and color... [more] Smyrna/metro Atlanta, Georgia, United States  1115 join
  Cat Warriors For The World!
Domination is at paw!
A place where dominating cats can support each other and share... [more]   163 join
  Dogs From Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Battersea Dogs Reunited
Hello! Welcome to a group for all ex-Battersea Dogs.... London, United Kingdom  5 join
(Italian Greyhound )
IG's are the best!
For lovers and owners of italian greyhounds or IG mixes Scottsdale, Arizona, United States  367 join
  ~*~Jombie and the Royal Doggies~*~
Are you a Royal Doggie?
It's good too be queen!   3 join
  Koo Koo for CoaCoa Toys
No limitations...Just fun, fun, fun
Wacky Doggies Who Love to Play? Little Rock, Arkansas, United States  29 join
  Pets With Disabilities
Disabled, but Loving Life!!
All pets with disabilities welcome!!!   377 join
  Hemingway Cats
Shake hands!
For cats with extra toes (polydactyl, hemingway cats, mittens) New York, United States  29 join
  New Jersey Cats and Dogs
Joizey Paws =D
Living it up in Jersey?! Come on in. New Jersey  293 join
  President Isabel's BSL Task Force
Banning BSL
Our purpose is to craft legislative ideas to present as alternatives... [more]   75 join
  Hunka Hunka Burm Love
Burmese Aim to Please
Burmese Kitties & Wannabes Nyc, New York, United States  50 Invite Only
  Reunion Rescue
(American Pit Bull Terrier )
Based in CA/TX
Pit Bull rescue United States  92 join
  Crazy cat antics
(Breed Unknown)
lets hear it for catnip!
for cats who act up and act out- share your stories... [more] Warwick, Rhode Island, United States  108 join
(American Shorthair)
SuperTabbyCatz of the world UNITE!!
Its a bird, Its a plane... Its the... SuperTabbyCatz!   91 Invite Only
  Doggy Blogs
Doggy writers are the kindest.
The place to share and enjoy all blogs by and about... [more]   88 join
  Beautiful Dogs
Love For Dogs Is Made For This Group
Welcome To Beautiful Dogs San Juan Bautista, California, United States  100 join
  CoolEst DoGs On DoGsTeR!!!!
Lets Go DoGs!
This is for all the great dogs out there having a... [more] San Juan Bautista, United States  34 join
  Minnesota Kitties
Kitties with an extra layer of fur!
Any kitty who lives, or has lived in the freezing state... [more] Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States  76 join
 (Page 279 of 287: Viewing groups 6951 to 6975)  
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