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Million Dog March

Fighting to stop BSL
Join us for the Million Dog March to help bring an end to BSL!
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February 22 , 2008

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New! Jin Renters/Home Insurance
12/16 2:55pm Maestro, CGC
Jake [originally Keegan] PITBULL AWARENESS DAY!
10/13 5:51am Shadow NPC, MDM
Shadow NPC, MDM Responses
8/19 2:22pm Shadow NPC, MDM
Shadow NPC, MDM BSL Updates
8/13 5:27am Shadow NPC, MDM
☼Annie☼ URGENT! (Bruce)
8/04 6:50am ☼Annie☼
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»How to plan a protest in Washington DC
»Where does your state stand?
»City Guide for BSL
»American Rottweiler Club BSL
»The Leaders in Responsible BSL Protesting
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Daisy is a certified Therapy Dog and a happy pit bull!

Does this look like the face of a killer?

If you think I'm a killer, you need glasses!

How to raise a well-behaved dog? Simple. Start 'em out the right way from the beginning.

Who are you more afraid of BSL or me?

The saddest thing about BSL? All breeds will eventually be affected.

Do I Look Like I Would Kill?

Is BSL gone yet?

Many times, when a dog acts aggressive, it is only defending itself or it's family.

Chaska: YOu know kitty,they say I'm a dangerous breed" Kitty: "Well you do lick alot,Someone Could drown!"

This is for BSL!

Where would we be without dogs?

You mean that my breed might be the next? No, please say it isn't so!

Natural Born Genius


You didn't stand up for us when they went after your breed of choice...who will be left to stand up for you when they go after YOUR breed of choice?

Me? Aggresive? That's the funniest thing that I ever heard!

There is enough suffering in this world...please don't add to it by supporting BSL!

Together, we can make the BSL monster a bad memory.

Socializing your puppy with people and other dogs will make it a well-mannered adult. No matter what the breed.

The news media mostly focsuess on breeds like Pit Bulls because they look scary and scary stories sell. What a stupid way to "earn" money! Don't believe everything you hear on the news, please!

The darkest hour is before the dawn...let's just keep on keeping on!

Do you think that a killer is this sweet?

Watch as a trusting little Sheltie mix is placed with one of the Bully breeds. See, they interact just like any other breed.

The fire-breathing Sheltie will get those BSL laws! BOL! Yeah, but that's what he'd like to do to them.

I don't look dangerous now, do I?

Yes, it's a snaggle-tooth. Anyone who knows what a DOG is knows it's not a SNARL! How could this adorable little face be aggressive??? A BAD TRAINER! Look around? There are good AND bad! Ban the Deed not the Breed!!! Look out BSL! These teeth are good a

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