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For cats who can't resist chipmunks, birds, squirrels and all outside wildlife
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April 11 , 2007

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New! We are sad today
6/02 5:06pm
Ra and Utu's mom
10/31 9:01pm
Posse Trip - We're All Going on a Sunny Holiday
12/11 2:13pm
Posse Pictures
7/02 2:10pm
Birthday Pawty for Daisy and EJ
4/04 5:20pm
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Group Photos

One of them pesky varmints

So tempting...

Close-up of a chipmunk

And for dessert, a Blue Jay!

Wait, I have an itch!

The only way to look at a mole - when he's dead! Check out the claws!

Mourning Dove

Violet says: Squirrel - it's what's for dinner!

Doves look so tasty!

These taste good! :)

Great Blue Heron

Possum on the back fence, downunder

Possum from the front

Duck for dinner?

Better be careful Mr. Squirrel!

Run, chipmunk, run!

Fightin' Squirrels

He's back! :) The Wood Pigeon...

Squirrel running away

Bushy the squirrel shaking its tail at me!

Bushy the squirrel remembered.

That squirrel who always barks at us. (from Beastie)

Ruby's Dad feeding a chipmunk!

Our friend Garfie doesn't know when something's too big for him to hunt... ;)

Our friend Garfie with his sister Gouchi trying to get that Peacock!

Scrub Turkey

Brisbane Water Dragon

Aussie gecko on the outside of the glass

Owl in the front yard

A Silly Squirrel Picture From Muffy

A Kitty Litter-ary Moment with Bucky B. Katt

Tough New Mexico Chippie!

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Hare Today...

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