Green Cats

A green lifestyle for your cat

Cats can be green, too! We recycle and buy environmentally safe products for ourselves and now it's easier to do that for our pets as well. Learn more ways your cat can be green from picking eco-friendly cat litter or how to clean so that it's safe for your cat and for the environment. There are even ways you can create your own green cat toys! Now that you've taken steps to make your lifestyle green, take it another step further and make your cat green too. Your cat and the environment will love you for it.

Talk About Green Cats

Earth Friendly Doesn't Always Mean Kitty Friendly

At my home we stick to products that contain no dyes, perfumes, or essentials oils. Right now I like Seventh Generation products, you can go to their website to find out where to buy them locally. Don't just assume that because a product says "all natural" or "earth friendly" that it will be safe for kitties. A lot of these types of products contain corn ethanol and other things I do not want in my cleaners. Plus, I'm more suspicious of pets having a reaction to plant based cleaners than traditional ones. Plants produce toxins too and can be just as deadly.

Lacey K., owner of a an American Shorthair

One Earth-friendly Litter I'd Recommend

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat is what we use. No perfume (a big plus!), no dust, excellent odor control, super clumping. It might seem expensive upfront - forty pound bags are $14 - $17. However, it clumps so well, less gets used up, and the clumps don't break apart and get mixed with the clean litter. Never had a problem with any of my three cats using it, and two of them were over five years old when I switched. Also, if you keep an eye on the big pet online retailers, you can find discounts and free shipping. A few months ago I ordered four 40lb. bags from Petco, for 20% of and free shipping. Totally beat schlepping it from the store.

Mm P.