Green Cats

A green lifestyle for your cat

Cats can be green, too! We recycle and buy environmentally safe products for ourselves and now it's easier to do that for our pets as well. Learn more ways your cat can be green from picking eco-friendly cat litter or how to clean so that it's safe for your cat and for the environment. There are even ways you can create your own green cat toys! Now that you've taken steps to make your lifestyle green, take it another step further and make your cat green too. Your cat and the environment will love you for it.

Talk About Green Cats

The Pros and Cons of Corn Cob Litter

We recently tried out clumping litter made from corn cobs. The brands we tried were Nature's Miracle and Arm & Hammer Essentials. Here are the pros and cons: PROS: + More eco-friendly + Very easy to scoop and the wet litter doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan like concrete! + Lasted a long time - We could go almost two weeks without changing to fresh litter. + Adequate odor control + Lightly scented + Economical price and bag lasted longer than normal brands + Lightweight - not as heavy to lug home from the store! + No dust + Soft on paws + All 4 cats liked it! CONS: + The lightweight nature of the granules made it easier to track on the floor + Adequate odor control - but we have four cats so maybe we're just too hopeful!

Susan K., owner of a a Domestic Medium Hair

Some Eco-friendly Litter Options

World's Best Cat Litter is corn based, Swheat Scoop is wheat based, Feline Pine is compressed pellets of wood shavings and Yesterday's News is compressed pellets of recycled newspaper. My cats have a strong preference for clumping clay litter and our favorite brand is Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra. You can certainly try some eco-friendly options, but your cats might not like them. Have a box of your usual litter available just in case.

Leanne F., owner of a a European Burmese