Green Cats

A green lifestyle for your cat

Cats can be green, too! We recycle and buy environmentally safe products for ourselves and now it's easier to do that for our pets as well. Learn more ways your cat can be green from picking eco-friendly cat litter or how to clean so that it's safe for your cat and for the environment. There are even ways you can create your own green cat toys! Now that you've taken steps to make your lifestyle green, take it another step further and make your cat green too. Your cat and the environment will love you for it.

Talk About Green Cats

Use a Twist Tie for a Toy

Try turning a twist tie into a toy. Wrap it around your finger so it's in a corkscrew shape. The fat ones that come on some bread packages are really great. If you have hard floors, when your cat bats the spiraled twist tie, it will keep rolling or will roll back and forth like a bug or something which then will require him to bat it again (and again...) My cat likes to toss them in the air and then pounce on it as it wiggles on the floor. Twist the up again once they go flat.

Sweetie D., owner of a a cat, breed unknown

Use Your Cat's Normal Litter Alongside Eco-friendly Litter to Start

World's Best Cat Litter is made from ground corn and works really well. It clumps great and controls odors. You can even get it at Target now. However, my cats are not terribly fond of it. When given a choice, they will use the other boxes with clay in then instead. I have one box with that in it now because my new kitten's breeder sent it home with her and even she prefers using the regular boxes with Arm & Hammer in them. I recommend trying it (or any new substance that you introduce) along with your cat's normal litter in an extra box at first so that they can get used to it.

Sandy N., owner of a a Persian