Turkish Van on CATS 101

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Greetings from CATS 101 on Animal Planet! We are delighted to be doing a segment on the Turkish Van on our upcoming season of CATS 101. In addition to being a great source of factual information on the breed, we also like to feature a great story on a particular cat or cats. In the past, we've featured a cat that was a companion to a cross country truck driver or two cats that an artist used to paint and were an inspiration for her work or a show cat that a little boy with autism used to show to gain confidence. What I mean, we are looking outside the typical show cat or agility stories and looking for something interesting where a Turkish Van has a unique ability or activity that we could come and film and has human interest - it's all about the bond the owner and the cats has!

We are looking to shoot the weekend of April 12th and can travel all around the country (we have a small crew of a camera man, sound person and field producer), but we need to find a great story THIS WEEK (as in, yesterday!) to get cranking on planning. Please contact me as soon as possible with ideas: arosenberg@powderhouse.net

Arestia Rosenberg
CATS 101, Associate Producer