Is he a Turk?

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Mikey the White- Lion
Purred: Mon Nov 9, '09 8:15pm PST 
I know these threads are way overdone, but it would be great to know what you all think.

Please have a look at Mikey's profile and let me know if you think he is a purebred Turkish Angora. He was a free kitten I rescued from an eldery woman's house who could no longer care for him. She said he is a purebred since her son purchased the kitten for her but she couldn't remember the breed and she had no papers as the kitten hadn't been fixed yet.

If it's a good possibility, how would I go about finding out for 100% sure? The lady I got him from wouldn't know, and her son isn't exactly the most upstanding citizen to put it nicely. Mikey came from a rough neighborhood.

If I never find out for sure its okay. He is a wonderful cat and he and my other cat dante are just as good as children to me. I am just curious to know. Thanks!

BTW Im new...this is my first post.