Could I Be Part Turkish Angora?

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Purred: Sun Jan 20, '08 4:54pm PST 
kitty Hello to all Turks!! My mom just recently spoke to a well known breeder of we beautiful cats. She told my mom that near military bases there are Turks.....our overseas servicemen and their families brought a lot of Turks home cause they thought we were soooo gorgeous....Oh and we are all colors of the rainbow....the white odd eyed guys are the ones in the Turkish zoo and found with the breeders........but the rest of us are quite beautiful and also can be pure breed. I'm a cameo shaded angora(very rare indeed from what the breeder told my mom) but I was found in a parking lot near a military base...also near a neighborhood that has a lot of Turkish people. Everyone that replied that we have no undercoat is correct and the high energy level!! Oh and OPINIONATED!!! YES just ask my Mom!! MOL Hugs to all Turks (that is if you can stop watching yourself in the mirror...tee hee thats what i'm doing right now)


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You could be. Turks have high set ears and very wedge shaped faces. We tend to be vocal and "talk back" when our people speak to us. We are VERY curious and intelligent. We like to take inventory of anything our people bring home in a bag. We may throw temper tantrums if we don't get our way by racing around the house and saying "Urrr, urrr, URRRR"! We have a sense of humor and like to pull pranks on our people and the other critters in our homes. We get cold easily because we don't have an undercoat, so we love to curl up in warm spots. We keep tabs on our people by following them around the house and waiting for them at the front door if they leave on an errand. We have very delicate bone structure; we're like Arabian horses or Salukis-very elegant and lightly built.

Not all white cats or all cats with bi-colored eyes are Turkish Angoras. They are actually a fairly rare breed. Only 16 remained in a zoo in Turkey during the 1960's, and we're all decended from those cats.Turks can come in any color or color combination except ticked coats. Turkey no longer allows the export of Turkish Angoras. We are considered sacred cats by the Muslim people because the Prophet Mohammed was said to have kept five white Turks as his companions. We should all be considered sacred, don't you think? ;-)


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Purred: Thu Nov 26, '09 9:42pm PST 
Rosebud--I'm not sure, but I believe that odd-eyed cats are typically either white or have a lot of white in their coat. I have seen odd-eyed Turkish Angoras, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, and Japanese Bobtails, not to mention Japanese moggies (usually calico or bicolor). There may be other breeds that produce odd-eyed cats, but I've never seen an example. Wikipedia says that odd-eyed cats can occur in any breed or color as long as the cat has the white spotting gene (time to bone up on your cat color genetics!).

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My opinion is this:
Yes, yes, and YES! Turkish angoras are supposed to have very pretty fur, especially long on the tail. They are also= extrememly affectionate and lovable. I think your one of them, I would DEFINITELY consider it. snoopy

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