Little one fully weaned but wants to suckle the blanket at night

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Purred: Sun Jun 15, '14 10:01pm PST 
Last week a friend of mine brought me a little black tom cat kitten who is about 6 weeks old. Hes fully weaned but at night if we bring him into the bedroom my husband and I dont get any sleep cause Ebony wants to either pounce our heads,hands and feet or he will lay right up on the bed by our heads and suckle on the blanket. We will put him down on the floor and he will climb right back up on the bed. Hes cute and I understand that he was orphaned last week when his mom got hit and killed by a car. I know he needs lots of extra love but I will be starting back to college soon and my earliest class is at 8 am so I have to have some sleep. How can we fix this? I want to add that he is eating, drinking, and using the litter box just fine and everything I have read says not to let him around the three older cats till we have gotten him all his shots.


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Kyubey is three and he still suckles blankets and bathrobes. We just wash our blankets frequently so they don't smell like cat spit. Luckily, he doesn't keep us up with it...maybe some bitter apple spritzed on the blanket will discourage him? Good luck with the little guy!



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He may grow out of it, but then some cats never do. You might try offering him his own blanket to suckle on so that yours don't have to be covered with saliva. They even make things that are like pacifiers for kitties who like to suckle, one example is The Catsifier.

Keep us posted! hug