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I'm new to the forums, but I figured you folks would be best qualified to answer my questions.

I've always been a dog person, raised with dogs and had them all my life. I have allergies to cats, though much less severe now than when I was a kid. I've been dating this girl for over a year now and her cat, a stray she picked up years ago, can't seem to leave me alone. She follows me around our place, licks me on occasion, and meows at me all the time. I'm allergic but I have medicine that takes care of it, plus I seem to have more or less adapted to being around the cat ever since we moved in together. I love her (even though I admittedly do not like cats) but I don't know why she nibbles at my feet when I want to be left alone or why she stands over me at night.

My girlfriend is just as puzzled, she's had the cat for 9 years since rescuing her off the streets and the cat ignores her but always follows me around. Is she biting me because she's mad? Is she guarding my girlfriend because she's jealous of me or something? I really don't get it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I think you should be honored - it sounds like the cat has not only accepted you but likes you! If the cat was mad or jealous you would know it. And who knows? Maybe the cat will convince you that you could be a cat AND dog person!

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I appreciate the response! I'm just puzzled as to how cats express affection, dogs are very open about such things. Missy is an indoor cat (she has feline herpes) and as someone who has worked on farms and in the city I am very happy my girlfriend has made the decision to keep her indoors, she's a pretty cat and I wouldn't like to see anything horrible happen to her like coyotes or traffic.

Anyhow, why does she bite? a cursory google search says it's something about grooming, which I guess makes sense since she does it in combination with licking me. The nibbles don't hurt, but it's a little weird when I'm playing video games or trying to take a nap and she starts gnawing on me. She loves to lick me when I get home from the gym, I'm guessing because of the saltiness from sweating? Dogs do that too. Also, why does she start nuzzling me at 9 am? I bartend and get home late.

Sorry to bombard y'all with questions, but I'm completely new to the cat game and I'd love any input you folks have.

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I think the little nips are what I call "love bites". I've always had cats that nibble on me and I feel it is a sign of affection - the same goes for the licking.
When she nuzzles you she is looking for attention from you - remember she can't tell time!
Cats time/spacial reality revolves around sleeping, eating, grooming, and playing (did I mention sleeping?!!)
I think I would be honored - this cat seems to think very highly of you and you have begun to lover her even though you, admittedly, don't really care for cats!
Awesome! And just think how this makes your girlfriend feel! So many couples go into a relationship with animal(s) that pre-existed the relationship and one or the other hates the pre-existing animal(s. Arguments ensue.
On the flip side of the coin - the cat could have become jealous of you and become a pest! (cats have their ways of showing dislike for a human - trust me - she likes you!)
Go with it and really begin to explore your new relationship with this cat - you might surprise yourself and become more tolerant of cats - what a wonderful gift this cat has given to you! Give yourself a pat on the back for being able to move forward with this relationship (with the woman and her cat). Congratulations for being a sensitive and kind human with a big heart!

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Well thank you for your response! This cat has indeed been loving on me all week, it's safe to say I like cats now too. I asked about her behavior on some other forums and everyone more or less responded with "you've been adopted by a cat." My girlfriend laughs about how she's jealous of the cat and I, and I br I no her home fish when we eat out. I'd better not have daughters, I'm such a sucker.