Meowing, peeing and scratching...

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I've posted once before about Billie Jean. I haven't taken her to the vet because I'm almost positive its not a health issue. She hasn't pee'd on anything (that we know of) recently but the constant meowing and scratching on the carpet has continued. Yesterday, I went and got her a play tunnel, which she loves, a flat scratching mat and a calming collar. She seemed to enjoy the scratching mat and the calming collar seemed to be having an effect on her (I put it on her at 7pm) but just like clockwork at 3am she's up scratching on the carpet in our room. She likes to scratch at the corner of closed doors, right at the seams of the carpet, and has started pulling it up...I even put the scratching mat in her usual scratching spot in our room. She used it for a second and then just started scratching on the carpet around the mat...

What am I supposed to do??

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Maybe she needs to be kenneled at night?