Furniture Scratching

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Recently purchased new living room furniture and Shadrach (10 year old Maine Coon) has already scratching everywhere!! Does anyone have any suggestions for preventing him from tearing everything up????
Thanks! Shadrach's mom (Rhonda)


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Do you have alternative surfaces, like scratching posts/pads/trees for him to use?
Our favorite are the corrugated cardboard kind. They're fairly inexpensive, too!

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Cats scratch to mark their territory so your cat is just marking the new furniture. You can buy Sticky Paws tape or regualer double sided tape to cover the areas of the furiture the cat is scratching. Most cats don't like the sticky feel on their paws.

Provide some safe things to scratch on. Buy a sturdy vertical scratching post that won't tip over when used. Or buy one that lies flat on the floor. Cats have preferences on scratching posts, even the texture of the post. Some like sisal, others like carpet, others like cardboard.

Human has seen a scratching post that can slide right up to the sofa and cover the corner, the most popular place for scratching.

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Don't take your eyes off of him! Use a 'strong spray' water bottle, use two-way tape on the most targeted areas, confine him during his hour of 'running fits', use his 'favorite toys' as determents, make sure he has a very tall scratch tower near by, or throw a small fluttering paperback book in his direction. Try one or all of the above. Do not leave him unattended until he 'GETS IT'!!
Love his lil ornery soul. Mary (Mom of Oliver and Olivia)


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Merlin is right about the marking aspect of scratching. You can try using a pheromone product like Feliway spray to help with that...it helps a kitty feel like he's already marked the furniture with his happy smell.

That's in addition to the double-stick tape and extra scratchers. laugh out loud

Good luck! way to go