Outright warfare--how long is it going to go on?

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Purred: Thu Nov 21, '13 9:07pm PST 
It's Stella's, Fluff's and Queenie's grownup here. Now that both Queenie and Fluff are back at home after their trip to the dirt under the trailer, how long is it going to take for everyone to get along?

When Queenie came back, after 4 days outside, she and Stella spit at each other every time they met, and that has not stopped, after 8 days. Fluff has been back for two days, and they both are attacking him, hissing and boxing his ears. Queenie is the worst to him. They have been together almost every day since conception, and now she acts like she doesn't know who he is.

How long is it going to take? I don't think either Fluff or Queenie smells unfamiliar by now, but they still fight whenever they meet. If it doesn't stop, I am seriously thinking about putting Fluff and/or Queenie up for adoption. frown


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Have you tried talking to a feline behaviorist? Some shelters have them and will talk to you even if you didn't adopt your companion from there. I live near Chicago and there is a great behaviorist that works at the shelter I volunteer for ,


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As far as behavior issues go, this is an easy fix. wave

If you are interested, please paw mail me, and no, I am not a animal communicator, MOL, I am a trainer, of my show kitties and of show horses. I do understand, if you don't want to go this route, or as some have responded, they don't have the time, MOL. It just gets frustrating. laugh out loud

Ya know Bump, ya know how well trained he was. rainbow

Or if you don't want to go this route, I see this prob alot on the tv show, My Cat From H*ll, with Jackson Galaxy, its on Animal Planet. (((((((((Big Hugs)))))))))) wavehug


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May be a PITA but you have to keep them separated as if they had never seen one another for now--hopefully it will be brief.