What is your feeding routine?

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Mom is curious as to what your feeding routine is.

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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Human feeds raw food so our routine might be different from those who feed commerical food shrug

Leroy and Emma each get one 1 oz raw medallion for breakfast. For dinner, they each get one 1 oz raw medallion. Leroy gets half a 1 oz medallion for a snack 3 hours after dinner shrug He gets the other half before bed time and Emma will get a spoon of canned food for a bedtime snack as well. Human does not leave any food out for them during the day. They don't seem to need or want any food between breakfast and dinner anyways thinking

Kaylee &- Amelia

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My kittens are 6.5 months old, so they are fed three times a day, plus I leave out two bowls of 1/4c. of Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried without water for them to snack on during the day as we are occasionally gone for 8-10 hours. Breakfast usually consists of a Primal of NVI raw medallion and the Honest Kitchen mixed with water, cranberry extract, digestive enzymes, and coconut oil. Lunch usually consists of Primal freeze-dried mixed with water or occasionally some Tripett canned tripe. Dinner is a raw medallion mixed with THK again or sometimes two medallions. They also get 100% wild Alaskan salmon oil once a week. I use Zuke's grain free cat treats, Cloud Star grain-free treats, and This & That dehydrated lake smelts as treats as well. I occasionally add a few pieces of raw chicken, raw beef, turkey or chicken heart or moose liver into their meals, but I am not prepared to go 100% home-made raw at the present time. They also have a few bully sticks lying around that they sometimes chew on.

The gals were on a mix of canned and raw until a few weeks ago when we transitioned fully onto raw and dehydrated/freeze-dried raw. Kaylee will eat anything, but I think Amelia misses the canned as she will come and sniff her bowl, walk away, and come back to sniff it several times before starting to eat. Maybe it's that the canned smelled better? Who knows.

Once they are around a year old, I plan to transition to only feeding twice a day plus the S&C's.

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I'm the Alpha- cat!
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We have 3 cats with only one structured feed time.

We have two dry feeding stations with water bowls for feed grazing. I also have a water fountain.

I have worked hard to get Brownie to eats wet food again. We have a morning feeding of canned pate style canned food. Only about 1/2 or a 1/3 of a can with a little hot water added. Cookie and Brownie eat. Then nap time.

Brownie will let me know he wants more food. Sometimes before in the afternoon, or before our dinner time or just after we eat, he wants food. By late evening, Brownie asks for food. I puree a 5.5 oz can directly in the can with my stick blender. He gets 1/3 at a time and I add 3/4 oz. of hot water to make it like soup. I keep giving food until I go to sleep. So if he cleans his bowl, I'll give him more. I wish I could put out 1/2 or 2/3 of a can but I have found he waste it. Some nights he begs for more food and has not finished his first bowl. (It's not like it is old food most of the time it is 30 minutes or less old.) I have to walk him back to bowl and show him he still has a little more and turn the bowl around. Why he can not eat the food from the other side of the bowl, but he makes me spin the bowl 180 degrees before he finished some nights. I use 4 or 5 bowls a day. I even had to buy more bowls and super-mini spatulas for feeding time. I even got a few micro mini whisks to help blend the hot water into the pureed canned food.

Candie eats only wet food in the evening some nights other wise she grazes on dry food. While Cookie likes the pate wet food ones mainly and grazes on dry food. Brownie get about 5.5 oz of canned wet food a day and he free grazes a little on dry food. In Sept., we use the equivalent of 31 5.5 oz cans. Oct. we used the equivalent of 41 5.5 oz. cans. I think the colder, the more canned food compared to more free grazing in the hot weather.

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

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I feed Hunter a 3oz can of wet food around 7:15am. Right before I leave for work. He doesn't get any dry food. Sometimes if I find that the 'wet' food doesn't have enough moisture for me, I'll had some warm water. He doesn't eat until around 8:00pm. Occasionally he'll snack on some of the dogs Wellness core canned food. Although he knows he isn't supposed to.

Hunter doesn't beg for food. Never has. I think thats because when he was a kitten, he ate like 3-4 times a day.

Bingo (In- Memory)

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My guys get wet canned food in the morning and in the evening. They each get about a 5.5 oz can a day total and though that sounds like a lot they are actually slim and in great shape.

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I Must Have- Attention & My- Way
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I have Evo Weight Management dry food available 24/7 in my bowl. I get a little bit of wet food once in the morning & then again in the evening. A can of wet food can last me for several days. Mommy just puts a lid on it & puts it in the fridge. I get around 4 treats twice a day & I have water in my bowl 24/7. I like Best Feline Friend, Earthborn & Fussie Cat wet food.

The Thompson- Zoo

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My kitties are fed twice a day with 'cookies' right before bedtime. I feed 2 in one room, 2 in another and 1 in another by herself. That's the only way I can keep Munchie from Munching on everyone elses food.....he's a piggie.


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My cats are 1 1/2 and 10 yrs old. They have kibble left out, I rotate between premiums (Blue Buffalo, Instinct, etc.). They also get a little canned cat in the morning and evenings. I know a lot of people are against free feeding kibble, but I have not had any problems with it. They also go outside so I know they are active to burn it off, lol.