i dont know what just came out of My 10 month old kitten's rear!!

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My 16 year old brother just told me that he was rubbing Beatrice's stomach while she was laying on the couch and then freaked out when he saw "something white squirt out of her butt". When i got to where she was, she began to lick the couch and i could smell an odor. i got closer to where she was licking and i definitely smelled it then. i tried to lift her tail up and see if i could see any sort of discharge but she kept her tail down and stiff. i figured i'd give this a shot before i have to take her to the vet.. I NEED FEED BACK OR ADVICE PLEASE. I'M FREAKING OUT JUST A BIT. -thanks, Anna-Carroll


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Get to the vet with a stool sample. This could be parasites.

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It's always best to call the vet right away and ask if your cat is not acting right or has some weird thing going on. Especially if it's a serious health concern or emergency.

Was the white thing liquid? Or was it solid? If it was liquid and really really stinky, it might have been anal gland secretion. All cats have anal glands, one on each side of the rectum. The glands produce a stinky secretion that helps lubricate the rectum for poop to pass through. Some cats have really productive glands and may ooze (or even shoot) stinky stuff out shock

A trip to the vet will calm your nerves. As BK said, take a stool sample so the vet can test for parasites. Some worms lay eggs around the cat's butt so you might be able to see them. They look like little white grains of rice.


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Definitely call the vet!
I agree completely,if she is acting weird and whatnot.
I also agree, it may be parasites. Call the vet right away.