So hard to say goodbye after 18 years...

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

Misty- *10/1995 - 10/10/2013*

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Today a little after 12:00 in the afternoon I helped my old friend Misty cross the rainbow bridge

I've had Misty since I was 11 years old when I found her as a part of a litter of kittens in my yard. A few weeks ago I found out she was in the last stages of renal failure. I did my best to keep her happy and comfortable until the day I would feel it was time to let her go. Today was that day

Misty rapidly lost weight over the months and became increasingly senile and confused. Sometimes she'd fall off the window sill or a bed and frequently I'd catch her just staring off into space. She lost her hearing too and forgot how to use the litter box. However she still was her usual happy affectionate self and would always plant herself on your shoulder if you were sitting on the couch, or in your lap. She loved to be loved and would purr and purr and have conversations with you the more attention and affection you would give her.

2 nights ago I found her hiding in the basement closet. Her eyes appeared very sunken in, her breath smelled bad, she seemed more lethargic than usual, her voice was raspy and she just seemed worn out. She wasnt able to walk anymore and was urinating on herself. When I looked into her eyes I had that same feeling I had previous times with my other senior cats and I knew it was time to say goodbye. So last night I kept her close by and boiled her some chicken which she still had somewhat of an appetite for, kept plenty of water nearby and I lined one side of my bed with wee wee pads and towels and let her sleep with me.

This morning I brought her downstairs so her other brother and sister could say goodbye. Her brother Oliver who is usually a brat to her, stayed close by watching us. Eventually he hopped up on the couch and lied down next to her. While I was petting misty and crying Oliver rested his paw on her back and kept it there for a while. Once I started sobbing he reached out and put his paw on my shoulder. It always amazes me how intuitive and sensitive animals are during hard/distressing times.

I stayed with Misty all morning petting her and kissing her and hand feeding her tiny bits of chicken and making sure she had water nearby since she was still thirsty. Eventually my vet came over and he put her to sleep with me by her side in her own home. It was the kindest way I could let her go and I know in her final moments, she had to have felt how loved she was and how special she was to me.

She was the last of my "old timers" to cross the rainbow bridge. I feel so hollow and yucky. Not sure how else to explain it. A few of my cats I had from when I was 10/11 years old (I'm now 29)Losing them is so hard because they were with me throughout so many different life stages. Especially being an only child, my pets have always been a tremendous comfort during tough times and wonderful companions. I've had Misty since I was just a kid still playing with barbies. She's been with me through so much and losing her is not only like losing a member of my family, but it's like losing a part of my childhood. It just feels so strange to know all of my old timers are gone. It's a chapter I was not ready to close.

I can only hope that Misty was greeted warmly by all of her furry brothers and sisters (and mom and dad) who passed on before her. It was definitely her time to go I don't doubt that. I didn't want her to get any worse as it was hard enough watching her decline steadily over the last 48 hours. But she is at peace now and her suffering is over finally.

Misty, you were truly loved. I will miss our daily "talks" and the way you would ever so politely tap my shoulder when you wanted something to eat if you were behind me on your window. I will miss your motor boat purrs which were so loud, you could drown out the tv sometimes. I won't remember you how you were the last day or so. I will remember you being the happy, purring, "smiling" cat you always have been who had an overwhelming abundance of affection and headbutts and love inside such a small package. Good night sweet girl. You're missed so very much cry

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
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This is Delyte. We are all welcoming Misty at the Bridge, and she is reunited with everyone who loved her in her life. She had a wonderful life with you and is so glad to be released from her malfunctioning, weak body. Giant purrs from my family and from everyone on the Bridge. cat on moon

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

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Misty is always with you ... forever in your heart.
Watching over you until you meet again at the Bridge.

Purrs and Love,
Athena, Apollo and Aragorn

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

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cry Oh dear, Angel Misty yur Mom did the most kindest thing to set you free from your ailing body!

Now your at the rainbow & yur whole, healthy & happy again!

You'll neva be alone again, all our Catster Angels little angel will guide you to a beautiful life in kitty heavens!

Love is forever! hug


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
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It sounds like Misty had a very peaceful, comforting send off. She got to be with her family, got love & some favorite food. I do understand about feeling like a chapter is closed. I felt that way when I had to put my 16 yr old dog down. We got him when my kids were young, so they grew up together- it was like saying goodbye to him & their childhood too. I know there is pain, but please feel the comfort of such a grand life you gave to Misty. Sadly we must let them go, but they are always with us, on our shoulder, guiding us with love. I send you hugs.hug Fly free Misty little angel

Misty- *10/1995 - 10/10/2013*

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Thank you so much everyone for you thoughtful responses.

I have been through pet loss so many times in my life, but it never gets easier. It is so hard to say goodbye to these very special members of my family and they take a little part of me with every loss. I never stop loving them and I never stop missing them and I still can tear up and cry thinking back to other pets I've lost years ago. However my heart breaks when they suffer. It's the only thing that's harder for me other than having to say goodbye.

I still can't believe my Misty is gone. Her passing was not at all unexpected as I sensed it coming for a while now, but it didn't make yesterday any less devastating. I tried to give her the most peaceful and comforting send off as possible and I am grateful I was able to hold her and talk to her as she left this life for another one. But it takes so much out of me. Just witnessing and feeling that loss, is a beautiful thing in one way, but heart-wrenching most of all. If only they could live forever frown

I cried on and off all day yesterday from first thing in the morning, until my head hit the pillow at night. Today my eyes were so puffy they were almost sealed shut and of course I couldnt help but cry at work today. I am trying to take comfort in the fact that she is out of whatever discomfort she felt in this life, but my heart is too broken and the wound is too fresh to fully absorb that. I just hope Misty visits me in my dreams one night just so I know she's ok now. My poor old lady was deteriorating slowly for a while now and regardless of my heartache, I'm just glad she's at peace now.

Thank you once again for listening everyone. Your kind words mean so much to me during these difficult times.

little angel


Kitty Girl
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Goodbyes are hard no matter if you're expecting them or if's a sudden illness... they still hurt. My Kayli lived to be nearly 20 years old and she too kept me company thru many phases of my life. Despite breast cancer, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, kidney problems she was the sweetest, most caring, talkative, loving kitty ever and saying goodbye... well it still hurts. I had a kitty Buster while growing up... she lived to be a ripe old 21! So i've lost 2 old timers, but losing a 14 year old and 6 1/2 year old is so very painful too. I like to think that Kayli, Pumpkin, Chance, and my bunny have all met up with Buster, my mom, dad, and little sister and are just having fun and no health problems at all. And someday we'll all be together again. So very sorry for your loss.

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