a kitty friend's back legs aren't working, advice????

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My kitty friend Nanook (a friends cat? suddenly is unable to walk on his back legs. He appears to be dragging them behind him and this kitty has never had any issues that I can see with his back legs. You can see video footage here: http://video.ak.fbcdn.net/hvideo-ak-frc3/v/1065111_10201280743435895 _311215314_n.mp4?oh=d5198745e3614cc13e1d5dfc41b73ee7&oe=5205820E&__g da__=1376104412_dafb1b9284392c80f96a5039a35d270e

anyways, Nanook went to Banfield and they were of course unable to say what's wrong with him without my friend paying $350.00 for a,bunch of test to confirm what's wrong and his owner just recently lost their job to boot. I know Nanook is indoor/outdoor kitty (i don't approve of that, but whatever) and anything could of caused this. But i want some idea of what's going on for Nanook's sake and his owner can effectively treat the issue without being robbed blind. Please help!

thanks alot!
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If the kitten could walk previously and suddenly can't, it points to a severe injury. This cat needs to get to a vet immediately. It could be in serious pain. A vet bill for tests and a diagnosis isn't robbery, it's a necessity. If your friend can't afford the care for this kitten they should see if a local rescue group is willing to take it on, but I have to warn you - there are a lot of cats that need homes and most rescues are stretched thin. No one can diagnosis the problem over the internet - the cat must see a vet.


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Oh, well he isn't a kitten. In fact, he's nine. Sorry about the high way robbery bit; but me personally I would pay if it wasn't Banfield. They tend to be all money first and animal health second. At least in my experience. I thought about the rescue group thing, but I'm sure given the fact that he's nine, that doesn't seem like a very good option. I could see the trauma thing though; that's the exact reason I don't let my kitty outside! I mean we live in a city for petes sake! :-S

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Seek a different vet. There's no reason you have to go to Banfield and a regular vet may even be cheaper than they are. The sooner you see a vet, the more likely your kitty is to have a good outcome.