Re-Introducing 3 Month old Kittens - HELP! =]

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Hi! I have two kittens Oreo and Panda. They are both female and from the same mom. When they were 7wks I took Oreo and my Sister took Panda. Panda lived with my sister and her almost 1yr old cat. It hasn't really worked out for them so I told her I would take Panda. I thought since Panda and Oreo were litter mates and so young I wouldn't have to go through the whole introduction process. When I brought Panda home I let Oreo sniff her Carrier. They seemed fine so I let Panda out. Panda constantly hisses, growls, and swats Oreo. Oreo chases her and seems like she wants to play. I am not sure what to do? I try to seperate them but it is hard. If I use a gate they jump it. If I block them out in seperate rooms I feel like that isn't solving anything? I am not sure what the appropriate steps are to do at this point. Should I seperate them or let them be together and figure it out on their own? Please help!
By the way, I do feed them side by side and try to play with them with wands and such, which they are fine with. They are also fine with me when they are each alone. But when I am not involved playing or feeding they constantly chase, Panda hisses. I think she may be threatened and a little tramatized from the former cat she lived with also. I am not sure...

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Kittens of that age usually make friends with each other fairly quickly. The hissing and growling is fear behavior and it will diminish. Even though they were littermates, the one who came back from your sister's will smell very different from home and its this different scent that your kitten you kept is reacting to. I wouldn't separate them. I would clip their claws although except for those between two intact adult males, most cat altercations rarely result in anything except noise and sometimes a bit of fur flying. The most I've ever seen happen in a kitten fight is a scratch on the nose and I've seen the same thing happen by accident when two bonded kittens got to playing a little rough. I would feed them a few feet apart and watch to make sure neither steal the other one's food. I would give them catnip and provide them toys. Playing with them with wands etc, is a good idea and may help hasten their bonding.


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Take a towel that Oreo has slept on & rub Panda with it & vice-versa so they both smell the same. They should work it out, and as long as their scuffles don;t get out of hand, they should be just fine. It is still a readjustment for them both, and who knows if the older cat picked on the little one either, so her defenses are up a bit too. Let us all know how things go!