My big fighter is gone ...

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Fri Jul 19, '13 6:02pm PST 
Delyte went to the Bridge around 6:30 pm. Although he seemed terribly weak and unable to walk today, as soon as we got to the vet's he was rejuvenated and spent the waiting time pacing around the room, refusing my offers of cuddles and lap time. I was afraid the vet would refuse to do the procedure, but they are well aware of the sneaky ways of the sick cat.

He did not give me any loving looks at the end, either. And his body continued to fight for several minutes after his heart had stopped.

I know it was for the best but it was so horrible and I will miss him so much. He was the only cat who was really mine--the others mostly treat me like staff in a hotel. And there is no one available for comfort since I got home. Apparently they could tell something was up and two of them are in remote hiding.

Thanks for all of the purrs and support ...

For the last time, from the black cat on the moon. cat on moon

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Fri Jul 19, '13 8:36pm PST 
I do believe they try to put up a good front for us so we will remember them as strong and healthy. In our mind we know this day will come, but our broken heart never does.

Thinking gentle thoughts for you and your kitties now and hope that you find comfort in each other.

Purrs and Love,
Athena, Apollo, Aragorn, Sterling, Shade, Sundance, Shannara and Mom

Claude- Hoppurr - Master GR- Com

Claude NOT- Clod!!!
Purred: Sat Jul 20, '13 4:59am PST 
We are so sorry to hear that Delyte has passed to the Bridge. Our thoughts are with you.


go getter kitter
Purred: Sun Jul 21, '13 2:01pm PST 
We are all sad here.
Wild, independent,. but loving Delyte...hugs to all humans involved. There is nothing like a SPECIAL kitty friend. +
I know e is with BooBoo, Skywalker, and all our little angels, but still I'm sad///


all you need is- love
Purred: Sun Jul 21, '13 2:03pm PST 
...crying at the line 'for the last time..."

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Sun Jul 21, '13 6:44pm PST 
So very sorrie fur yur loss. cry


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Mon Jul 22, '13 10:27am PST 
I am so very sorry. Even though we know it is the right thing to end their suffering, it is still so hard & hurts so much. I send you hugs for your heart. Fly Free Delyte little angel

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Tue Jul 23, '13 11:17am PST 
This is Delyte's person. Thank you all so much for your caring responses at this terrible time. I have been through this before, and helped so many others with it, but this time is worse, because I knew him so long and we were so close. I know that he couldn't have gone on much longer, but I felt that he didn't want to go yet, despite his pain. I hope he is happy on the Bridge--he certainly has lots of friends there to show him around and keep him company--and realizes that I wanted to save him pain.

Despite having the other three around, the house feels empty. I feed them and they go off on their own. frown

Steinem - In Memory

Let\'s see what- we can get into- to
Purred: Wed Jul 24, '13 4:19pm PST 
hugSo very sorry for your loss. Be sure that he is no longer in pain and he understands why you made the hardest decision a fur parent can make.little angellittle angellittle angel

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Thu Aug 1, '13 7:13pm PST 
I just heard the news and had to come over and offer my condolences. I'm so very, very, VERY sorry! Midnight did the same thing as far as being more alert at the end. It killed me to let her go. I kept wondering if it was the right time but she could hardly stand up and wouldn't eat any longer, pooped all over herself, etc. it was time. Still, it killed me inside. We're sending you hugs and love. cry

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