Male cat rejects female kitten after she is spayed.

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We have a four year old male cat (neutered).

We brought home a female kitten a few weeks ago, and it took a while for him to get used to her, but finally he accepted her and eventually began playing with her.

We just got our female kitten spayed. When we brought her home, we isolated her in our bedroom to try and keep her calm. It has been five days, so today we let her out while keeping an eye on her.

The first thing she did was try to play with our male cat. However, he is hissing and scratching at her. At first, we thought the kitten's cone was upsetting him, so we took it off to see if his behavior changed. He is still acting the same way without the cone.

I've read a few things that said it might be because she smells like the vet's office, or other cats that she was around while at the vet's office. Should she still smell strange after five days of being at home?

We greatly appreciate any possible answers.

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I am willing to bet given some time things will be back to normal. You might even help it along with a wand toy, dangling it near both of them so that it requires them to play together. Cats are hard to figure out sometimes, he may have his feeling hurt that she left him for a while or that she got a little extra attention. Such sensitive little creatures.


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Thank you for your response!

I have an additional question. I know that spaying suppresses hormones later in life (heat cycles, etc.), but would spaying have changed her current hormone levels as a kitten?

I am asking because in our male's previous home, when one of his owners was pregnant, he used to attack her because her hormones were different. I am wondering if this is a possible answer. It seems like we're introducing them all over again.