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I'm throwing this out there I thought it was important for other readers who might come across it. I recently switched to Blue Buff. I liked the fact it was all natural and might help my overweight cats lose some weight, as the stuff from the vet had fillers. Now my poor guys have had horrible diarrhea for the last couple of days and I have to figure out whether fillers are better or if there is a natural food that won't make them sick like this. Now I see on the internet where this stuff has been killing some people pets sending them into liver and kidney failure. You can believe I'll be complaining. Does anyone know of a good natural food without the health issues for kitty?

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A sudden change in diet can upset a cat's tummy. Always introduce a new food slowly. Can you go back to the old food until your cats are better and then slowly switch to the new food?

http://catinfo.org/?link=felineobesity has tips on how to help a cat to safely lose weight.

A canned food only diet will help an overweight cat lose weight smile Most people here will recommend that to you. Blue Buffalo has good canned food, the grain free ones are best. Any brand of canned food will help, really. There are lots of good quality brands out there: Nature's Variety Instinct, Weruva, Merrick, Innova EVO, By Nature, etc. There's a list of some good brands here: http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/774137

If you're looking for dry food, stick with a grain-free brand. Nature's Variety Instinct, Wellness Core, and Innova EVO are some good ones to try.


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We did start slowly. I had been thinking of a wet food only diet long ago, as it would be mostly protein, but my vet recommended against it. (Their reasoning was food recalls, and missing needed ingredients) However, when they recommend their pricey food you always question the true motivation for why they say they need both, tell you the dry you've been feeding isn't good enough and tell you in order to lose weight put them on something they sell. It was when I looked at the ingredients that I wondered how this was really helping them.
What scared me about the BB is that When I looked to see if there had been issues with this food causing diarrhea in pets, I read quite a few alarming stories where cats and dogs alike had died after switching to this food. People saying it caused elevated BUN levels, kidney/liver failure and their vets all attribute it to this food. I feel I need to switch, I just am confused about what I can put them on. So grateful for suggestions to research.
FYI, on the followup call to BB, I was told that all the postings on the internet must be malicious lies. That there have been "no complaints about their food." I find this hard to believe. Anyhow thank you for suggestions, and ask about these. Feel free to throw more our way.

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Pet food companies will always say good stuff about their products no matter what shrug So when you complain about an issue, they say there's nothing wrong etc etc confused

Vets really don't know much about proper nutrition shrug They take a few basic classes in school. You don't need the vet's permission anyways to feed what you want. If you want to feed canned food, go right ahead way to go If the vet balks at what you feed, just be nicely firm about your decision to feed what you feed and don't let the vet talk you into feeding something else.

Most canned foods are 100% complete diets with all the vitamins and minerals a cat needs. A few are supplement/snack only, such as those Fancy Feast Appetizer trays.

Check out some other brands of foods smile Some people here like Blue Buffalo but if it doesn't agree with your cat's tummy for some reason, then there's no point in feeding it shrug Sometimes it's an ingredient or the formulation of the food that a cat's tummy just doesn't like for some reason shrug


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Thanks for the suggestions. It sounds like people dr's, a lot about the body, little about nutrition, even though it all goes together in sync.

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These foods are currently on recall-
Innova Dry dog and cat food and biscuits/bars/treats All Lot Codes, All UPC's, All package sizes All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

EVO dry dog, cat and ferret food and biscuits/bars/treats All Lot Codes, All UPC's, All package sizes All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

California Natural dry dog and cat foods and biscuits/bars/treats All Lot Codes, All UPC's, All package sizes All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

Healthwise dry dog and cat foods All Lot Codes, All UPC's, All package sizes All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

Karma dry dog foods All Lot Codes, All UPC's, All package sizes All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

Mother Nature biscuits/bars/treats All Lot Codes, All UPC's, All package sizes All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

Read more: http://www.abc2news.com//dpp/news/national/massive-pet-food-recall-a nnounced#ixzz2YtsTi85f


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Vet recommendations are always so funny - when I went in with my kitten they asked what I was feeding (canned/raw), and praised me up and down. They still handed me a free sample bag of Hills but they must be obligated to because they even told me to "throw it in the trash or feed it to the dog".... laugh out loud

My cat does very well on raw but if you can't do this, I urge for a high quality canned. My oldest cat loved Wellness.


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When I read your comment about what the vet said I could feel my blood pressure start to rise, mol. Not only are vets not taught a lot about nutrition, guess who *teaches* the courses? The pet food companies!! And you don't want to know about the profit margins of the foods the vets sell. It seems to me that about 99% of all recalls have been for dry foods lately and unless the can specifically says so, all canned food is formulated to be a complete diet. And don't let your vet tell you that dry food cleans teeth either - another myth.

Merlin gave you some good canned suggestions. If you're at all interested in raw, come on over to the raw forum.