Turkish Angora question

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I just recently adopted this kitten from a rescue here in Texas. They told me he was a purebred Turkish Angora. Once I got home and did a lot of research, I believe he is. I would like to get some other opinions. He is 11 weeks old, very silky, single layer fur, very outgoing and absolutely fearless. My 70 lb dog approached him the day we got him and he started purring. He is very mischievous and determined. He keeps getting in our fireplace and getting so dirty, no matter how hard we try to block it, he is determined to get in there some way or another! He is also the most loving kitten I have ever owned and loves attention and to cuddle. We live in a military town and unfortunately a lot of pets, even purebred, end up in rescues and we have a lot of "backyard breeders" here, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was purebred. I have even seen Sphynxes here in rescues. So what do you guys think?


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It's hard to say definitively, but wow! what a beautiful kitty!


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He's pretty, but I don't think he's TA. His head isn't as narrow and his fur is shorter. But what matter?

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I always thought Apollo and Athena were part Angora although other Catsters did not agree. Turkish Angoras are rare, so rare that you don't even see them at cat shows. Apollo also had silky fur. It never tangled. He had a triangular face with slightly slanted almond-shaped eyes, but as he matured his face filled out. In his younger years his summer fur was shorter but the winter fur and his ruff grew in thick and long. Eventually his fur stayed long year-round. I've noticed on pictures of Angoras that they have long toes and read that they like to climb trees. Ditto for my two cats.

Apollo was the most gentle cat I ever had. He never hissed, never scratched me or anyone.

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