My Baby Has Colon Cancer

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My 12.5 year old cat, Amira, has colon cancer & it's probably already spread to other areas. She's lost a lot of weight & is down to only 4 pounds. cry Any treatment would be in the 1,000's and it's probably too late to do any good. So, we're both hanging on until the time is right to say goodbye. For now, she seems okay..she can still walk around & jump up on things & eat. I don't know how long she has..days? ..weeks? Are there any of you who have had to deal with this before? Thanks, Megan


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As long as she is eating, acting OK and seems comfortable you can continue together. Take each day you have together and embrace it. No one knows how much time you have so live each day to its fullest.

Most Catsters have been through this so we understand your pain. You and Amira are in our purr prayers.

Kitten cuddles,

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My standard line, which I firmly believe, is that if you would no longer like to be your cat, then your cat likely does not want to be him/her either. It is all about quality of life, and although vets can give you estimates about life expectancy, there is not a way to know, definitively.

I truly wish you the most time possible that is of quality to your furry loved one. I'm sorry.


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I am so sorry to hear this! That is a horrible diagnosis. I can't say I have ever experienced having a cat with cancer. There is a supplement called Integrative Therapeutics Spectra Probiotic. It may provide some relief and a few more days or weeks. I would give it a try. There is also a good product called Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener. It has good reviews and I've heard good things about it as far as cancer goes. I would try to use some natural remedies and see if they can give her some more life and maybe even help her feel better. I don't think this is anything she can beat, but I do believe you can give her some more life with the right supplements. They are two that are really worth looking into. If you can get her immune system activated enough, it will see the cancer as a foreign invader and no part of her normal body system, which is what it is doing now.


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I'm so sorry frown Enjoy the time you have now. You will know when she is ready. So sorry.


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Thanks everybody..I appreciate all the advice. cat on moon

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Dear Megan....obviously I cannot tell you how it is going to go for your little catperson...but I can tell you a little of my cat's story which might help....don't know.....

My cat, Grandad Joseph Conrad, had colon cancer...I think it must have been very aggressive, because I always watch all my cats 'like a hawk' to make sure that things are going well for them....but I did not pick up on his illness until he only had a short time to live....(he was nearly 18 - too old for surgery)...

Anyway...we had people from New Zealand staying for a month....and Conrad was dying...and I COULD NOT let him die until the people were gone and I could be with him properly......so, the vets were lovely.....and they gave him an anti-inflamatory, steroid injection every Friday....and it 'perked him up' enough to keep going for a little while....

And he was still himself, and he still loved me and the Tambolina....and Tambolina and I took turns staying with Conrad, in the end bedroom....for, indeed, his world had shrunk down that far....(I tried to get him out for some fresh air, but he ran back in again).....

The people went (on the Thursday, I think) and I made arrangements for the vet to come out on the next Monday to help me to help Conrad to the Bridge....but I took him down for his steroid injection on the day after the people had gone.....and he wouldn't have it.....(he was always a wild, wild, animal) So we left it but the arrangement was still that the lady-vet would come to my home on the Monday....seemed good, seemed fair...it gave me time to be with him alone to say my own goodbye (without visitors there)....

But it all went to pot...!! Without the steroid injection Conrad got so rapidly worse....but I couldn't let him go...!! I couldn't take him to the horrible vet surgery, where somevet who did not know him and whom he did not know would kill him.....I couldn't do it....

So the poor sod (and me and the male human) had to suffer over three days before the vetlady came, on the Monday morning...and the jobbie was done....and Conrad rode off on the Mighty Merkel, into ancestry, wearing Auntie Miss Lillie's best red bonnet....!!

Megan....you might find SOMETHING of use to you from the above...hope so....

All best love to you...



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All I can give you is well wishes and sandpaper kisses! Enjoy today, as tomorrow is never guaranteed (that goes for the sick and the healthy of all species).