I am very close to getting rid of this cat...

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Manuel has become the most horrible cat I've ever had the displeasure of owning! He is constantly yowling, trying to sneak outside, pooping on the kitchen chairs or on the floor, and scratching the furniture! I use to let him out in the backyard and he was just fine. Now he climbs over the gate and disappears all day/night long. He always comes back in the morning, but if I try to go out and find him, he runs from me! I don't know what to do anything! I'm absolutely loosing my mind with this animal. Please tell me what to do. He has never been a good cat, but the last couple months have been absolutely horrible! He is becoming worse every single day!!!

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Please don't put your baby in a kill shelter! Message me before you do and I'll foster him until he can be placed in a good home!

Is he neutered? If he's not that may be the issue.


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My first thought as well, Slyvy. If this cat isn't neutered, he needs to be YESTERDAY. Once that's taken care of, there are two problems I see: territorial insecurity (the pooping, a bit of the yowling) and the yowling itself. Territorial insecurity must be dealt with from within and without. If there are outdoor cats coming into Manuel's territory, either contact a TNR program to trap and neuter them or install some sort of deterrent (motion detection sprinkler) to keep strays out of his yard. Inside the house, give Manuel multiple places he can conquer at different heights--either with wall shelves or scratching posts--so that he can feel like the king of his castle. As for the yowling at all hours, part of that is hormonal (if he isn't neutered), part of it territorial, and part of it excess energy. About an hour before you want to go to bed, play with Manuel for 10-15 minutes (and REALLY play...he should be breathing hard). Then feed him a substantial treat (maybe a can of cat food). He will eat, groom, and then settle down to sleep, probably until you're ready to wake up in the morning.

But first and foremost--this sounds like a cat whose hormones are out of control. If he hasn't been neutered, do it.

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I dont think anyone would agree with your mean post about dumping a cat off at "the highest kill shelter you can find" thats pretty horrible.

get the cat fixed and let him be outside if thats what he wants.


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That's a bit much.....If he is getting to much to handle, then put him in a foster home, like Slyvy. Don't just dump him to "The highest kill shelter" that there is. I notified this for abuse. That is a horrible way to 'get rid' of a cat. Please please please PLEASE don't do this. I understand he is a bad cat but, he doesn't deserve to be put in a 'kill' shelter. Please don't be one of those sick people. I have so many things in my email about cat abuse and shooting cats, and kill shelters. shrug Why a kill shelter? Why? Thats just sick, sorry to say but it is.


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Anyone have an update on this?