Please help! A feral cat moved her 10 day old kittens to my backyard 3 days ago. She put them in a

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small hole in the ground right next to a utility pole.We are supposed to get severe weather tomorrow and the day after. I want to move these kittens before the hole fills with rain water. The mother is gone for hours sometimes during the day. If I put the kittens in a pet carrier right inside my back porch and leave the porch door open do you think the mother will still feed the kittens or is there a chance she will abandon them? I have been feeding the momma for 8 months now and she is familiar with the carrier because I have been leaving it out for her for 8 mths. I'm very worried about the kittens.


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I think if she hears the kittens, she'll probably go to them in the carrier. But it's very hard to know.


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I think I probably would have moved the kittens, wondering what you ended up doing. I'm sure if it were close enough to where she left them, she would find them. I don't have any experience with newborn kittens, much less feral ones, but I believe I would have moved them. Hopefully you can check back and let us know what happened, poor little baby kitties frown

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This is Delyte's person. I tried once to relocate a litter of kittens in danger like yours and the mother took them away to some other unknown site and I never saw them again. If you have a no-kill shelter in your area, the best thing would try to get the whole family taken in there, before weather, predators etc. take their toll. As much as we all love kittens, Mother Nature intentionally makes extras so enough will survive, and it's so hard for us to see the process. Good luck!