anyone recognize this breed?

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Purred: Tue Mar 12, '13 6:55pm PST 
I was recently watching Cats 101 on Animal Planet, and they featured a breed of cat that is reported to hunt in packs. Additionally, the males help take care of the kittens. The breed originated on an island and is named after that island. I'd never heard of this breed before, and lost the note with the name. Anyone heard of these cats?

Irma Thomas

Purred: Wed Mar 13, '13 1:14pm PST 
Sorry we missed this episode, it sounds interesting. I am going to look on the Animal Planet web site and then on "Cats 101" to see if I can find out the name of the breed.

Just wondering if it being a specific breed, it is behavior that grew up through the generations as a survial skill.

Will let you know what we find out.

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ive seen a few of the cats 101 episodes. sometimes they feature a region and the native cats. they are not really a breed but a type. they are usually that regions free roaming cats.