Yay Tapeworms -_-

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~Princess of the- Bedroom~
Purred: Tue Mar 12, '13 4:03pm PST 
So, little miss Rhoda Lue has found herself with some tapeworms. She's 4ish years old and we found her as a 6 week old kitten outside. She had fleas and goopy eyes then, but since then, she's been a healthy, happy little cat (besides one ripped ACL). Rhoda is an indoor kitty cat with her brother Milo, and also the dogs with only one whom she has access to. Nobody has fleas or anything, though admittedly since my mom quit at the animal hospital we haven't been consistent with frontline and advantage, so Zephyr has had a few ticks here and there in the fall.

Back to Rhodster. So today, we found a little worm dancing around her rear end and my mom (an ex vet tech) said "Op, that's a tapeworm." She then looked her over for signs of fleas and found nothing. Rhoda then groomed herself of the evidence. So, she gets to go to the vet soon to get a pill. Yay. We're thinking she caught her tapeworm from eating a mouse, as she is an avid huntress.

The reason I'm posting this is to see how likely you guys think it is that Milo (also a cat) would be to also have some wormies and if it's worth it to have him checked too.


Tia the- Terrific!
Purred: Mon Mar 18, '13 3:50am PST 
Does he like to hunt as well? If so, you might consider it.