I'm scared of a certain woman..?!

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Purred: Thu Feb 28, '13 12:18pm PST 
I'm a very. very friendly cat. Mommy takes me out on a leash and I greet everyone with purrs and pets. When mommy has people over, I make sure to give them cuddles.

I'm not scared of crowds at all! Mommy had a BBQ once and I loved it! There were 15 people there and I got soo much food!

But that's enough about that. Mommy is wondering why I floof up whenever I see "G". She's a very nice lady but I won't go near her.

Whenever she's over, I hide the entire time-with my tail bigger then my head!

Mommy did leave me alone with her once, but it was only for a few minutes. Less then 5 really but when she came out, I was pressed against the door and shaking.

This is out of character for me since I love everyone!

Mommy doesn't want to think G hurt me but she can't think of another reason I'd be so scared....


Purred: Sun Mar 3, '13 7:22pm PST 
Does G have dogs? When my mommy loved with her mom I loved to cuddle with my nana all the time. But then my mommy moved into an apartment and my nana got two new puppies and I can not stand the smell. Every time my nana comes over I go hide from her. I know it makes nana sad but I just can't stand the smell of the mean old puppies frown


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Purred: Sun Mar 3, '13 8:17pm PST 
I'm wondering if maybe she wears a certain perfume, or soap or something, that smells like someone that hurt her? I can't blame you for thinking that, I would probably think it too, but I hope it's not the case. My newest addition, Stephano, he is TERRIFIED of dogs, except my dog. And she is a doberman. BUT. It took him an entire month of me holding Stephano while talking softly to introduce Stephano to my dog and showing him that she would not hurt him, and he could see that my dog was fine with the other kitties. It was a long process, and now he is fine with my dog, but when my mother in law brings her 30 pound mutt over, he puffs up, hisses and hides, even though this dog is completely fine with cats and pretty much ignores him, but he is terrified...like nothing I've ever seen. I too wonder if G has dogs, and maybe kitty is scared of dogs and kitty can smell the dogs? Poor little thing, whatever it is, I hope you figure it out. The thought of someone being cruel to an animal....oh does it make my blood boil! I hope that's not it.


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Purred: Tue Mar 5, '13 11:03am PST 
G doesn't have any pets! It could perfume though, she does love her perfume