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I just picked up a bag of chicken soup for the cat lovers soul dry food......The ingredients look really good, lots of meat products, no by products.
Just wondering if anyone else feeds this and any thoughts you all may have on it?
Thanks in advance smile


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somebody?? Anybody ??? smilesmilesmilesmile

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In feed my cats this, but not exclusively. I used to feed them the dry food, but last year I switched to all-wet, so now I only feed them the canned food.

I agree the ingredients are decent and that is my main reason for choosing this food. It's also not very expensive. It's basically in the middle between the ones full of by-products and mystery meat and the really expensive food. Probably not the best choice out there, but much better than something like Friskies.

The cats like it. The wet food is a little too thick, so I add water to it.


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I think it is a pretty decent food. I, like the other poster, have switched my cats to an all wet food diet. After many issues with UTI's and blockages with my cats, and after being told by a vet that a wet food diet was better for cats, I decided canned food was best. My cats have had no issues since the change. I got to the point that I thought that even a lower quality canned food was better than the highest quality dry food. I see many friends and family over the years have their cats suffer with urinary issues with their cats, and kidney failure at 8-10 years old, and although I'm sure that can happen even on a wet food diet, it seems that the ones that I see with these problems have been on an exclusively dry diet. Have you thought about even maybe adding wet food to replace one meal, so they are getting some canned?


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It's Queenie. We got put on all wet food last year, and for the first time in my six year life, I have a waist! big grin


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Thanks guys for your opinions way to go

Beep, yes I do feed wet also. I dont know if you remember but about a month ago my other kitty Winter had a blockage, which we got all fixed up, he is still on his prescription wet food although I now give him a bit of the chicken soup here and there cause he really misses the dry, but he gets mostly wet......Kiki though seems to really enjoy the chicken soup but ever since our scare with Winter we feed her 1 to 2 cans of wet a week, just to be safe. Even though she is female and not quite as high of a risk as males but still, that scared me way to much. Winter will never be on a dry food diet again, I will make sure he gets lots of wet.....but sneak some dry in there as well to keep him happy!
Thanks again everybody smile